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food safety
January 11, 2009, 6:36 pm
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Know how home made cookie dough has eggs in it? Does that mean that you shouldn’t leave it in the fridge and pick at it on and off for a week? Don was wondering about that. I don’t remember seeing any warnings on the store bought cookie dough but then again, I’ve never had a natural curiosity about food safety. I ask because I found a container of cookie dough that was about a week old in the fridge. It  tastes fine to me. Surely it could be cooked and eaten? I am going to eat it unless someone tells me not to. Someone besides Don.

Speaking of whom, today is Don’s birthday. He’s 45 years young. He is working today, of course, probably routing pipes hither and yon around the new brewery expansion at the Great Dane. He busy. Last Friday I stopped by to check out the new space and was dismayed to notice that we were wearing almost matching clothing. That’s embarassing on several different levels. It’s also very funny. It’s also going to continue to happen as long as I insist on wearing his clothes. Yeah, another 20 years and we’ll be doing that on purpose.  If that cookie dough doesn’t do me in before then.


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Happy birthday Don! Today is my now-seven-year olds birthday too. Dont’ eat the damn cookie dough! YOu’ll get food poisoning from those eggs! Or salmonela. Then again…it will make for a good blog post or two. Eat at your own risk.

Comment by Lori G

So the dough has expired…Hmmm…salmonella…blog post. Salmonella…blog post. I guess instead of being sick my time could be better spent doing pretty much anything else and making some new cookie dough to eat. I sure hate to throw dough away. If only there were some kind of an animal living in my backyard that I could feed it to…

Thanks for the comment! I need advice sometimes.

Comment by cathylybarger

Don’t through away the cookie dough!
Make cookies.
It’s only a potential bacteria hazard if it isn’t cooked. If it is cooked, the bacteria are killed, and are just another source of protein.
That’s the real reason the oven door is closed during baking, so you don’t hear the bacteria screaming.

Comment by phil

Conflicting answers! Mom vs. Micro organism expert. This blog really is the best of both worlds. I guess you’re both on the same page about eating the dough raw, so I won’t do that. High protien bacteria cookie. Intriguing! I will keep an ear out for the screaming.

Know what’s funny? My aunt Kate teaches food safety for a living. She carries a meat thermometer in her purse. Every time I talk to her I discover something that makes me feel like I’ve been skirting death.

Comment by cathylybarger

You think talking to a food safety expert is scary?
Go to a sushi bar with a parasitologist.
(There’s a reason I don’t eat raw fish. Several species of reasons.)

Comment by phil


Comment by cathylybarger

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