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Kepala tengkorak
January 10, 2009, 12:37 am
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Today’s top search engine word: kepala tengorak. That’s Indonesian for “skull fracture”. Three people found my blog today when they punched those words into Google. I guess they were possibly clicking on a picture of a ceramic skull I wrote about a while back. It also could have been a picture of our toilet brush holder–that’s an almost life sized human skull with the back of it all bashed in. (That’s where the brush goes. It’s pretty trippy.) I believe that’s the weirdest top search engine word I’ve seen. And it got three clicks which makes it thrice as odd.

Fully 50% of all of the search engine terms that bring people to the blog are about Pop Tarts. Pop tart cartoon, pop tart dude, pop tart animation etc. They all end up at a rather lame post that I wrote about a year ago about a trip I took  to the grocery store. On a lark I took a picture of a cartoon pop tart that I thought had been drawn by legendary animator Don Hertzfeldt. Thank goodness I did that because the pop tart post is the most clicked upon entry I’ve ever written. People read it more than once every single day. It recently unseated another equally riveting post that I wrote about “Magic Putty” to take the top spot. Yeah, people. You can’t predict what the hell they’re going to be searching  for, but they seem pretty interested in pop tarts and magic putty. And now skull fractures.

Apropos of not much, though, why not talk about it because you never know what people are going to search for, I went to the grocery store with Don today and took a picture of him standing next to a giant, snow covered pear.

Here’s a funny story: Let’s say, instead of Don standing outside of a grocery store next to a giant pear, he was standing outside a falafel restaurant. Would you assume he was an Arab? A cab driver from Milwaukee did when he stopped to ask Don directions while Don was standing outside of a falafel restaurant. I don’t feel anything one way or the other about that assumption. The story made me laugh so I thought I’d share. I’ve been trying to work that into the blog for a week at least. Phew!


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Now you can rest easy. You worked the falafel story in. We had a friend once who, no matter where we went, whatever ethnicity of the restaurant, they thought she was it. Did that make sense? We went to Indian restaurant, that’s what she was. Mexican, same. I guess she just had that versatile look. I think she started to get confused about her own origins.

Comment by Lori G.

That’s so very funny!
My nephew-in-law is Mexican/American, when he was introduced to the family, he was growing these long sideburns that twisted. (He was an Art student at the time, not that that means anything…but Dad wasn’t into standing out in a crowd). Anyway, that and a black cap had my Dad asking me if he was Jewish! We never laughed so hard and to this day we pick on him about that.

Comment by Rosanne

Lori- That doesn’t really make sense. It could harken back to the day when indians in western movies were played by by people like Charles Bronson and Dustin Hoffman. Maybe that’s what mixed everyone up in the first place.

That is funny!Your dad sounds like my dad. Actually, being an Art student often goes a long way toward explaining anomolies in one’s physical appearance. (So does being a former art student who is now self-employed with an internet job where she’s hardly around other people, come to think of it.)I think I’d be more likely to inquire about that before I asked someone about their ethnicity. Then again, I suppose asking if someone were an art student when they weren’t could be kind of a dig. It would probably make them take a long look in the mirror, though.

Comment by cathylybarger

I think Lori’s explanation makes perfect sense! She meant the locals thought her friend was “one of them” wherever they were. Probably started speaking the foreign language to her and all. (I’ve had that happen to me too, when we were traveling. They were always surprised I was American, I guess I look like a local German or Austrian or Dutch person…) ?!

About your art student remark; _I_ was an art student in college, and that’s the explanation all the other students always used when talking about any of us (our unique attire, our quirky personalities, etc.) The remark, “He’s/She’s an ART MAJOR…” (often accompanied by an eyeroll.) 😉

And although that was many moons ago (back in the last century, ha ha!), to this day I do still occasionally explain my own anomalies (justify them?) to folks by describing myself as having been an Art Major. 😛


p.s.: Don and that big green fruit are quite a PAIR! (Ha ha! –baaad pun, sorry, sorry!)

Comment by Annie :)

Hi Annie-
For Lori’s comment, the “one of us” explanation does make sense, I guess. We don’t know about the cab driver so the jury is still out on that one.

Yep, those art majors do reinforce a certain stereotype.It’s a really good excuse for weirdness–I found that you can use it for years after you graduate. I do know people who would not appreciate being labeled an art major, though. The weirdness does not sit well with them.

Your bad pun is forgiven because I’m glad you commented!

Comment by cathylybarger

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