Aardvark Art Glass

issue #3: that new tutorial
January 5, 2009, 5:01 pm
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I am so close to being done with this. It will be out this week for sure. I was going to bundle a couple of screaming beads together but this one came out pretty long and I figured people would rather pay less and buy them a la carte. So this is just the cactus. It will cost ten bucks for 13 pages. A bundled version with the fish tutorial will be available as well for $24. Having both will behoove you because the eyelid tutorial that was included with the fish works well for the cactus too. Boy, I can’t wait to finish something.

So, did you guys see the story about the little boy who wanted a pet hedgehog so badly that he got the exotic pet laws changed in his city? Foster told me about this and then the next day I found it in my incoming links, which was handy, because by then I had forgotten all about him telling me about it. Here it is. That is just the cutest thing ever. I hope that hedgehog digs his love.

Also, did you know that Frank Zappa did a commercial for Luden’s Cough Drops in 1967? Dave the bass player pointed that out to me. He knows a lot of obscure music realted things. It’s a pretty funny ad. Things were so simple back then.


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