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issue #2: opossums
January 3, 2009, 1:03 pm
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Next on the list of things to wrap up is, I suppose, the whole possum experiment. Much as I regret having to give this up as a topic of conversation I’m afraid that I’m going to have to because the feeding station on the porch was getting a little too popular for our comfort level. Often times, Jeb was never even around and feeding him was what made us embark on this whole moronic episode in the first place. We did attempt scaring off the other possums so Jeb could still eat but that proved pretty labor intensive and also it drew attention to what was going on on the porch. Both of those things were dealbreakers for us.

Interesting thing I learned from this whole thing: opossums and possums are very popular WordPress tags. (What? Did you think I was going to learn something useful like “Don’t feed opossums” or something?) Many people document their dealings with these animals, which is funny to me, because I’m always so sure that I’m writing about stuff that no one else cares about. But people do find opossums interesting–or at least they write a lot about ’em. I think if you get hungry for an opossum story you can search WordPress and find one. Not all of them end well for the opossum, I am sure.

So I will leave you with pictures of opossums that visited our porch who were not Jeb.

This is Arturo. He’s not afraid of the flash so I got probably the best shot of him. He’s little and scraggly like Jeb but his face isn’t as cute.

I’m not sure who this is but I know it’s not Jeb. At least one opossum figured out how to walk up a narrow board onto the porch ledge and into this recycle can. We called that one Nadia. I don’t know, I think these guys are a little smarter than people give them credit for. Not that getting into the can is rocket science, it’s just something I would expect more from a raccoon than an opossum, based on what I’ve heard about them.

That opossum that was eating during the day–that wasn’t Jeb either. I misidentified him cause he used the same path Jeb did. He was too big, though, and his ears weren’t pink.

So, truly, I don’t know how many opossums there were total. Frequently we saw two that were not Jeb at the same time on the porch. So there were at least three. When it got warmer for a couple of days it seemed like there were new faces showing up at the bowl. A lot of food was disappearing. It was enough to beg the question “Where are all of these opossums pooping?” Since there were two clearly marked exit routes, the answer was likely “Under the neighbor’s porch.” So, enough of that.


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