Aardvark Art Glass

sic possumus!

Hello. I’m out from under my rock now. I’m all showered and at the studio. I came out yesterday but my brother, Mike, was there with a bottle of scotch. And that’s why I love and hate the holidays! It’s kind of a good thing they are over.

Anyhoo, I think we had the best New Year’s Eve party ever. Our friends and our friend’s friends are so fun. Everyone shares the same enthusiasm for drawing on stuff and naming the new year. I always think it’s kind of lucky when you get a whole room full of people like that. Foster, that man, was absent from the celebration this year. He had to work the next day but I also I think the pressure of  being the Guest of Honor every weekend is getting to him. We started putting a sign in front of the house whenever he comes over:

The sign is from a guy who ran for congress in Illinois. It’s so people will know when Bob is here. Then they can decide if they want to risk having to talk to just Don and myself  if they come in. Bob’s probably the best conversationalist we know. He reads more books and watches more tv than anyone. In a way he’s like that singing frog in the Warner Brother’s cartoon. One minute he can be dazzling you with obscure philosophical topics or talking about string theory, then you go to  the can and come back and he’s talking about “South Park” or the first season of “Californication”. You know, like a regular person who watches tv. That’s why we plan our celebrations around his availability. He’s that integral to our guest’s enjoyment.

Aaron and Erika stopped by which was  great. I missed them. They’ve been busy, busy with the metal working. Erika is welding up five benches for a park that’s not too far from here. When those are done there will be two good public arts within walking distance of our house. Normally, we just take people to the giant metal birds on Patterson and say “Well, there’s art.  That’s about it for the city. Time to go home.”  Two arts will make the walking tour much more credible. I look forward to that.

BUT, back to the new year naming. What a hoot that was. Don decided to pick a name randomly, sort of, from a list we made.  There was thirty or so names on it. #2 was “the year of Sick Possum Us”. Do you know Latin? Then you know that “Sic possumus” means “Yes we can”. Isn’t that friggin’ hilarious? Possum and political reference. Yow. I also liked “Year of Brave New Heartache.” Several times the phrase “Crickets in my nuts” appeared on the list. I took the precaution of hiding the jar of freeze-dried crickets (food for possum) before the party because Brad ate several of them the last time I left them out. I might have eaten one too, but I’m not sure. I think that’s what that was a reference to. Ummm…looks like we gave props to a bottle opener that is also a flashlight and a lighter on the list. There’s a  “Year of getting dust balls out of your asscrack”  on the list. That’s a pretty worthwhile way to spend your time, compared to some activities. 

I guess what I’m getting at is, the randomly chosen name could have been a lot of things that didn’t really make any sense, but the one we picked kind of did. So, here it is: 2009=THE YEAR OF BLESSED TRAPS. And you know, I think that’s just what my brother and that bottle of scotch was. The world is full  of blessed traps, isn’t it? I think our house is a big one for a lot of people. It’s probably like a regular trap too, sometimes–I’m picturing a free beer under a cardboard box propped up by a stick. Blessed traps are not too bad a thing to take note of and celebrate throughout the year. That was a good pick!

I am not sure who wrote that one–idea #26. I think it was Brad. My bad! It was not Brad it was Sean. He gets bragging rights.


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