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and then there were four, or maybe just three.
December 28, 2008, 12:05 pm
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Did anyone pick December 27 as the day that I would realize that leaving food out for the possum might not be such a hot idea? Oh, that’s right. We never organized a pool. Well, if we had, and you would have picked Dec. 27, you would have won because I’m pretty sure that there’s more like four possums coming by now. Maybe there’s only three. There’s at least three. It’s  hard to tell because they look really similar. They behave quite differently, though. Arturo is small like Jeb but he doesn’t stop eating even if you use a flash to take his pictue. Another one, who either is or isn’t the “other” possum I mention frequently, runs as soon as someone looks out the back door. Since it likes to eat sitting on the porch ledge it has to traverse down a two inch wide piece of trim to reach the exit on the porch floor. It’s agile. That ones name is either “Nadia” or “Mr. Dreysdale”, depending on whether or not it is the “other” possum. Jeb didn’t even stop by last night.

So that’s my full disclosure of animal traffic on my porch. Hopefully, reading that took your mind off of any Important Problems About Things That Matter that you may be experiencing. I’ll be back with more opossum posts because I still have about four pounds of food left.

What a thumbing of the nose this is to the Year Of Curbing Your Inner Dumbass. Scooting all over my own tradition. I should be ashamed. To my credit, I was doing really well with curbing stupid impulses before the opossum came along. Ah well, who cares. I’m still alive. Yeah, so, 2009 is going to get named at the annual New Year’s Eve party. I’m holding out hope that if I just listen to Bob Foster blurt out enough things one of them is going to stick. (Speaking of Bob, he said something really funny the other day. He referred to shows like “Touched By An Angel” and “Highway To Heaven” as ‘spiritual pornography’. Bob’s not real big on angels. But I digress…) I think the New Year name should reflect something positive on account of Fearless Leader finally being out of the White House. But we have a hard time with positive so…who knows. Hopefully we’ll come up with something.

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Do you realize that 2009 is the last year we’re going to be able to wear those “year” glasses at the New Year parties (because there are still two zeros in the middle of the year notation to look through?) Next year it’s all over… got those “1”s in there from then on. (!) So I think you should name 2009 something that sort of honors that… (well, just a suggestion!) 😛


Comment by Annie :)

Wow. I never thought of that. I guess you could wear “2010” but that design won’t be of use to people who’s eyes are closely set like that gov. from Illinoise. He,and likely his offspring, are never going to be able to wear those glasses again. That’s food for thoughts that I did not have before I read your comment. Thanks for those, my friend!

Comment by cathylybarger

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