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December 23, 2008, 3:04 pm
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Well, it’s warmer today…because it’s snowing again. That’s fine by me–snow doesn’t bother me so much at this point but I can’t abide the below zero temperatures. They make me wiggy. So, snow today and tomorrow but temps in the 20’s all week. I think I’ll make some beads, even. Yay!

So the Jebster is making his way to the back porch despite the frigid temps. Don shoveled him a path nearby where his footprints were and Jeb is actually using it. That blows my mind. I try and try and try to make my animal’s (hedgehog and iguana) lives easier and I’m just never right when I try to guess what they’re thinking and then formulate a way to help them. Most of the time they simply have no interest in what I invent for them. Other times it ends up being detrimental to their health in some unforseen way. Come to think of it, I’m not real intuitive with people either. Or plants. And yet I want to help. It is vexing.

But back to the opossum. I found something that seemingly no living animal will eat, including Jeb, who eats tinfoil. It is the one thing I really want to get rid of–a 5lb box of Vitacraft hedgehog food. Years ago when we purchased our last two hedgehogs, Cracker and Deet, we were misled by a young pet store employee into believing that Vitacrap was what the hedgehogs were eating in the store. When we got home it was clear that they had never eaten that food before in their lives. So we have a giant box of it now and no one will eat it–except birds. Well, a bird anyway–I didn’t see a bunch of them lining up for it. That’s a bad testimonial for a pet food. Opossums won’t eat it. Damn.


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Don’t you have any “wildlife rescue” organizations there in town? (You could donate the hedgehog food to them! Seriously, I’m sure THEY would find something to eat it…) ?! 😉

Here where we are, the local wildlife rescue asks for donations (we’ve given them old towels for cage bedding, pet food our dog was allergic to, etc.) They rescue mainly the typical suburban “wildlife” like birds and raccoons and skunks and (yes!) possums! I brought them an injured bird a while back, in fact.

I really admire them, I’m glad they’re around, it’s much better and easier to “let the pros do it” and not have to try and keep some injured critter in a cardboard box and try to nurse it and feed it (and probably kill it off through ignorance, etc.) !!

So if you have an organization like that there, they’d probably welcome your donation of “pet chow”! (Just tell them the hedgehog passed away… don’t mention that it won’t/wouldn’t eat the stuff!) 😛

Well, just a thought! (On a similar note, re: food for people rather than hedgehogs(!), thanks for that recipe, we plan to try it soon!) 🙂 🙂


Comment by Annie :)

Hey Annie
I’m a little more optimistic about getting rid of the hh food since something ate it the other day. I held off on giving it to the Humane Society because I was worried about then feeding it to hedgehogs. I bet I can get the possums to eat it if I mix it with soup or something. We just have to wait for a thaw.

Comment by cathylybarger

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