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would you like to see another picture of Jeb?
December 20, 2008, 11:40 pm
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There he is!


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Has there ever been anything cuter?

Comment by katemckinnon

I am so in love with Jeb it isn’t even funny. Don dug a path through the 12+ inches of snow from our neighbor’s front porch (that’s where his tracks come from) to our back porch so Jeb wouldn’t have to flounder through snow to get to the food.
Possum #2 has vanished. Good riddance, I say. He had his own route across our backyard but Don didn’t dig a path for him. No other critters yet–just birds, which are pleasant. It is deadly cold outside.

Comment by cathylybarger

Your little Jeb is sooo cute. Why are the opossums in my neighbor way uglier? He looks like he’s got lipstick on and his ears are even pinky! Maybe we need to get some Jeb blood into our stock of opossums – Opossums Breeders Across the Midwest Assocation (OBAMA!) where are you??

Comment by Karen Rorek

Yeah, many of the pictures of adult possums I’ve seen are kind of ugly. The other possum, the one I don’t like as well because he steals Jeb’s food, is cute, too. I think it could be a relative-he’s got identical facial markings to Jeb.

Here’s my theory: Since we live right in the middle of the isthmus in downtown Madison, I would wager that our possum stock stays right where it is, all the time. New, less attractive possums can’t get in here because if they walk a block in any direction they stand a really good chance of getting run over. So, one original cute possum could be why we have all cute ones in our neighborhood.

If Jeb makes it through the winter maybe you can have the people at OBAMA (by the way, ahahhaha!!)contact me and we can farm him out. I’m all for beautifying the world’s possum population.

Comment by cathylybarger

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