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the cold is freaking me out
December 16, 2008, 12:18 pm
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If you’ve heard some grunts and swearing and paper shuffling coming from the shop it’s because it’s too cold to torch and I’m scrambling around trying to find something else to do. I made some neat-o cool bead stands (see above) that are up on Etsy now. They were all made out of existing beads so the bodies and the heads may not match exactly. I don’t think that’s a giant deal. The interchangeable head feature is there so you can incorporate beads you currently own into the sculpture. You’re supposed to play with it, not keep it under glass somewhere always with the same bead on it, understand?  Word.

So, our pipes froze yesterday. Are we the first to have our pipes freeze? Do we get a prize? What’s amusing and a little annoying about the whole thing is; I’m sure that the reason they froze is due in part to the fact that we fixed up the downstairs bathroom. Plugging up long existing holes in walls and floors seems to interfere with delicate temperature balances inside the walls. So, to thaw the pipes Don opened up a wall in the kitchen that was installed maybe a year ago. Seems like our house won’t work unless there are holes in the walls somewhere. That dovetails nicely with my inability to choose a paint color for the kitchen. Good thing I didn’t do that, make a decision and then do something.


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