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holiday gift guide/my favorite things

I’ve been surfing around Etsy for about 7-8 months now. Since then I’ve accumulated a lot of strange and beautiful objects in my “Favorites” folder. I feel compelled to show some of  them to you seeing as how it’s the holidays. Maybe you’re looking for something nice for a loved one?  Some of the things are kinda spendy but you can still look at them. Click on the links and check out the rest of their store inventories! It will be fun!

Keep warm and look like Bender from  “Futurama” with this Chris Cross Crafts Bender Bending Rodreguez crochet pattern. Only $5.00! Wow! Man not included.

I like bugs and old timey bicycles so I really like this “Steampunk Cicada” sculpture from Kochansky’s Etsy Store. These come with custom made shadowboxes so they’re easy to display. Check out her little squids, too, particularly “Knife Thrower”. Love that one!

I’ve linked to Trixie Delicious before but her inventory is always changing so it deserves a second look. Beware! Some content is for mature viewers only. Don’t go there unless you can handle it. (It isn’t any more profane than this  blog so I think your delicate sensibilities will  be all right.)

Tera Belinsky-Yoder (aka Beadygirl Beads) makes the coolest disc beads in the land. Unless she’s got some kind of time condensing secret going on I also believe that they are incredibly inexpensive for the amount of work that goes into them. Recently I spent a bunch of time trying to copy Tera’s designs, just trying to get the disc thing down. That’s a tough bead to make, I’m telling ya. I think mine are going to end up getting fused into scrap tiles because they look pretty hideous. Tera’s beads sell themselves so she doesn’t need any help from me. I just wanted to let you know about them because, if you like this kind of thing, knowing where to buy it will improve your life.

I’m not a shoe gal myself, but, DIG THESE SHOES! Aren’t those the coolest things ever? They’re from NDEUR SHOES’s Etsy Store. These run about $180. Is that a lot for shoes? I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything this neat so I don’t know how to price them.

Finally, something really affordable that we can all use–magnets! This one is from NIFTY STUFF MADE BY VOZ’s  Etsy store. Among the piles of magnets available on Etsy, these appealed to me most because a lot of them are grammar related so they remind me very much of people I know. Whether your friends are gay or they recycle or they use semi-colons, there’s a magnet here for you. They’re only $3. apiece, too. Priced right for surprise gift giving, I say!

Whew! Well, that didn’t take too long. I’ve been putting of writing this because I thought making all the links was going to give me fits. Not so bad, though. If  you want some more gift ideas, check out the rest of my favorites.

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You just have to love Etsy for all the crazy crap they sell. My family and I always mail each other with those “don’t you think yo need one of these things?” I’m not so sure aobut that hat though…those eyes are kind creepy…lol!

Comment by Rosanne

Whatever crazy crap you’re looking for you can find it there. Ebay has lost me. They don’t have enough yeti-themed arty craftsy things.

Comment by cathylybarger

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