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the cold
December 5, 2008, 4:00 pm
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It is what-the-hell-cold outside today. I think it was like 7 degrees last night. Jeb hasn’t been around for two nights. Whatever we put outside is freezing solid so I’m not  sure if he can eat it anyway. I hope he’s ok. The above tracks are from a couple days ago. Don’t opossums have cute little toes? Did you know that they have opposable thumbs on their rear feet? Did you know also that they are marsupials and that they have prehensile tails? I bet they’re the only animal to hit that particular interesting trait trifecta. If they were blessed with more intelligence I would fear that they would rule ze world, what with the thumbs and all.

When they finish eating something greasy, like chicken or perhaps something that’s been dead a while, opossums wash their faces with their little hands. That’s what Jeb always did. I miss Jeb.  I hope he comes back now that I’ve gone through the trouble of separating all of our throw-away food into containers that correspond to the different food groups.

In other news, Cracker, the studio hedgehog seems to be avoiding the cold, designated wee area of her cage opting instead to “go” in her much warmer sleeping quarters. Thought I’d talk about it because it’s affecting my quality of life a little bit. I’m not sure what bothers me more about this–the extra cleaning I have to do or the fact that I secretly wish I could do that myself beacuse, yo, the bathroom is cold where I live, too.  Oh well. She’s getting on in years. I guess we should be able to go wherever we want after a certain age.

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You should go to Oz. (Ozstrlia) You’d be in marsupial heaven. The possums there get sophisticated.

Oh. From the department of Refusing to Leave Well Enough Alone: Renee was making some of Cathy’s Famous Poppyseed Rolls, and added dried cherries.

Comment by phil

That recipe is all Don. He grew up eating real Czech poppyseed pasteries that were much more labor intensive to make than the Pilsbury ones. I know the Czech name for them but I’m not sure how to spell it. I don’t want to try because it would be like double blasphemy if I got it wrong–one blasphemy for the mispelling and one for incorrectly identifying the sacred pastery.

The cherry thing sounds good. We’ve never added anything to the poppy mix. There might be a rule against doing so. Sometimes, when there are viscosity issues, Don adds applesauce but that’s about it.

Comment by cathylybarger

Did I miss a recipe somewhere here? Poppyseed pastries/rolls? Hmmmm… mmmm… (can I get it?) 🙂

Of course it is always a challenge baking at our house; our 50 year old (just old, not quaint or antiqueish!) oven has two settings, 250 and 500 (well, there are other degree markings on the dial but no matter what one picks those are the two that it delivers… you can get other temps mainly just as it goes in between the two, back and forth, tepid and incendiary.) 😉

But I set a timer so I can keep fiddling with it every few minutes, and eventually it can be sullenly coaxed into some general approximation of 350ish, and thus I’ve recently managed to make some holiday cookies (semi)successfully! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, flushed with pride of accomplishment, I am bravely willing to tackle some roll-making (if you have your famed recipe handy…??!!! 😛

Happy Holidays!


Comment by Annie :)

Tepid and incendiary—Ahahahaha!

The recipe is very simple-
2 cans Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 can poppy seed filling (I can’t remember the company that produces this. They make every kind of canned filling in the world.It’s in the baking asile near the pumpkin filling.)

Unroll crescent rolls without tearing the perforations (2 triangle shapes=1 rectangle shape. 4 rectangle shapes per can. Keep rolls in rectangle shape–they hold more filling that way)
Spread poppy on dough.
Roll up.
Bake according to instructions on crescent roll can.
It’s that simple. You can cut them up into little slices if you’re having a party or you can burn them if you want to feed them to your possums. They’re crazy delicious.

Comment by cathylybarger

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