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Two dollars
December 1, 2008, 12:45 pm
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Don got sick of the Arbitron people calling us all the time so he signed us up to participate in their radio survey. They still haven’t stopped calling but at least now I’ve got two dollars burning a hole in my pocket. Yup. So does Don. I’ve already completed my survey. You’re supposed to do it as you go along but since I do the same thing for the same amount of time every day I felt pretty confident about guessing. So that’s done and now I’ve got two dollars. I think I’ll spend it on gum.

I went out food bowl shopping for the possum the other day. So far I can’t find anything good, though, I only went to Walgreens and a pet food supply store. All the dishes that were big enough were stainless steel and that won’t work because stainless is hard to paint on and it doesn’t photograph well. Did I mention that the point of feeding the opossum in the first place is so that I can photograph him eating out of a bowl with his name painted on it? In my pet choosing history I’ve always selected kind of scardey animals that are beguiling but don’t particularly want to spend any time with people. I often spend more time with Photoshop images of my pets than I do with them. It’s best for both of us that way. I could really milk a picture of a possum eating out of a bowl with the name “Jeb!” emblazoned on the side.

Meanwhile, Jeb’s been a little more jumpy this week–skittering far away when I open the door. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but, he’s been eating a lot of poppy seeds lately. Last week we burned a big batch of poppy seed filled Pillsbury rolls so we’ve been feeding him hunks of that along with the rest of his food. He’s got a very balanced diet-Brisky’s kibble (insectivore diet), crickets, apple cores, banana, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuff like that. And poppy seed filled rolls. He does like those. I think the squirrels are eating them too. Since nothing could possibly go wrong with this scenario I’m just going to keep on feeding the animals opiates.*

Right now it seems like it’s going to be hard to get a pic of Jeb just by opening the door and sticking my camera out there. That’s how I got the other ones but I think he’s wise to me now. My pal Beth from Acme Bead Company (in Sturgeon Bay! Up North!) suggested that I disguise myself in a ghillie suit and wait outside for Jeb. That is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all year. Don poo-pooed the idea by saying that, for cheaper, I could disguise myself with a garbage bag. And you know, that would probably look more natural out on the porch as there aren’t a lot of tangled vines and trees out there. Well, thanks, Voice of Reason. Actually, the biggest problem with that plan is the sudden cold. It’s cold now. And snowing. Even with a really warm ghillie suit and a flask I don’t think think I’d last more than a few hours outside. It might be interesting to sit out there and see what eats the food. Similar to hunting…whatever that’s like.


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Hey Cathy I have a girlfriend over on Hermina that feeds the possums in her yard too. Not sure what part of Madison you live in but they are sure big over here on the eastside.

Comment by madhatter

Hermina is very close indeed! Maybe 3 mi away. (We’re right in the middle of the isthmus.)

I think possums are neat. I really hadn’t even seen one up close until Jeb came along. Jeb’s kind of small and meek. I like feeding him.

Comment by cathylybarger

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