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holiday entertainment tidbits

So, holidays. They’re coming. We’ve been entertained by people a few times this past week and I feel like I’m collecting information that could possibly help others with respect to their holiday party planning. Mixed drink recipes and what not. Ice-breaking conversation starters. That sort of thing. If you’ve got any suggestions of your own you can leave them in the comment area. Then you can help too.

So, Lost School moved to Brad and Carrie’s house last Saturday to celebrate a few birthdays. There a fellow named Lee was mixing up a very effective little cocktail made out of orange juice, pomegranate juice and Canadian Club whiskey. The drink is too unattractive to be commercially viable. I don’t think you’d serve it at a bar or in a punch bowl because it’s brown. Kinda looks like coffee. On the other hand you could drink it out of a mug in your cubicle and no one would be any the wiser. It is really tasty and the drinks true upside is that you cannot taste the alcohol in it seemingly no matter how much alcohol you put in it. That’s my idea of a good drink. Especially for the holidays when who the heck knows what you’re going to be enduring. It’s for people who want to get the job done without spending a lot of time fussing around with measurements. New staple drink for us. Thanks to Lee for that one!

On the ice-breaking conversation starter front–also from Carrie and Brad’s party– I don’t know who started this trend but at one point in the party I noticed everyone had masking tape with writing on it stuck to their chests:

Apparently, the idea was to write down topics you knew about and wanted to talk about–or maybe you didn’t know about them but wanted to talk about them anyway–so people could kinda tell what you were about and decide whether or not they wanted to talk to you. Don’s chest said “Catholicism”. Someone else’s chest said “Blood sucking parasites”. I don’t know…that tape thing seemed like a pretty good idea. I remember holding the roll of tape but I never wrote anything on me. I guess I couldn’t decide. Probably because of that boozy drink I was drinking.


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I think I would write


so many people love a nice walk down memory lane. I say, let them have it at my expense!
Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Comment by jean

YUP. Everyone’s got a story.

Comment by cathylybarger

Jim says he would write, “I’m with Stupid”

I am wondering if he “gets this”, and in fact if he actually REALLY gets this even more than I know!That Jim!

Comment by jean

That Jim is like a big old onion–with all the layers and everything. You’ll never figure him out.

Comment by cathylybarger

“Parasitoid lifecycles”, I don’t know enough about those.
But is the tape thing strictly content, or is it also positional?

One of my favorites: Meyers rum in rich hot chocolate. If not Meyers, then an equally dark rum.
Also works in hot mulled cider. But it must be dark rum.

Comment by phil

It’s a very new game, the tape game, so it can have whatever rules you want. People tend to talk about what they want to talk about. I think the tape increases the chance of people listening willingly when you do so because they kind of know where the convo is going to go ahead of time. That’s my take on it.

That sounds like a good drink. Turn the thermostat down to 60 and knock back a couple of those.

Comment by cathylybarger

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