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the possum, or whatever it is
November 17, 2008, 4:07 pm
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The possum is becoming the possum, or whatever it is. We haven’t observed him eating since last Wednesday but whatever food we put out is disappearing so we figure something is enjoying it. In order to photograph the guy I have to stand in the back doorway with the porch light on and my camera in my hand, which is kind of a problem. It’s come to my attention that this could be giving our back yard neighbors pause as their windows face us, they live pretty close and they can’t see what I’m trying to get a picture of. And even if they knew that a possum was the subject of my interest, yet more pause could be given by the fact that I am attracting such an animal to our house and near their house with food. Being incognito on some nights seems like a good idea.

So for the latter half of the week I’ve just been enjoying putting food scraps in a bowl and leaving them on the porch for the possum, or whatever it is. It’s actually a fairly satisfying thing to do. It’s like having the benefits afforded to one who owns a dog that eats table scraps without the drawback of the room clearing flatulence that usually follows such a diet. (That’s how I remember it being with my parent’s dog, anyway.) Also, now there won’t be anything clawing through our garbage bags because there won’t be any food in there.

I have a feeling that, since we don’t generate all that many scraps, sooner or later I’m going to be preparing meals for the possum, or whatever it is. I’ve been studying up on what they eat in the wild and their diet has definite herbivore/insectivore tendencies. That’s a bonus for me because I currently own one of each of those animals and buy food for them already.  I’ve got a bunch of dry food in the studio that I bought over the years for the hedgehogs that they wouldn’t eat. Freeze dried crickets with calcium inside (don’t ask how it gets there), kibble designed for animals that eat bugs and some high end cat food for felines that are obese and elderly. I’ve never been one to force an animal to eat something it doesn’t want to and hedgehogs are picky, so, several opened bags of test food here.  It’s all very nutritious, expensive and something I don’t want sitting around in the store. I’ve tried pawning it off on my friends that have cats but to no avail. They’re not ones to force their animals to eat anything they don’t want either. Can’t blame them cause there’s no fun in that.

So the possum, or whatever it is, could do me a real solid by eating some of this food. Especially that jar of crickets. And I bet it’s a lot better for him than pizza crust. Maybe the possum will grow healthier and stronger on the new diet.*

*= I’m just going to start putting an asterisk next to sentences and ideas that I might regret saying or thinking later on.


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What you need is a trap camera. Set it up and let the critter take its own picture. Get one that uses infra-red, and your neighbors will never know.
Something like
Opossums (not “possum”, those are Australian), rats, cats, starving grad students, see who’s really eating the bait.

Comment by phil

OK. Opossums. You’re right.
That looks like a cool little camera. I don’t think we’re ready to incur any opossum related expenses just yet.
We had a sighting yesterday so the opossum is still around. Last night though I brought home a particularly savory morsel for the opossum (half of an old turkey sandwich from Mildred’s.) I put it in his dish and when I checked back there was a great, big, dumb cat sitting there. That really grinds my gears. That cat has it’s own dish somewhere. Stupid cat.

So when there’s desirable food in the dish we’re probably feeding more than one entity. I think the opossum is getting most of the other stuff. I don’t know what else would come out at night and eat apple cores and really old hedgehog food.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey Cathy-I can get my hands on a gillie suit (don’t ask)-if you ever want to borrow one. I think it would be nice and warm considering the upcoming cold weather that’s about to hit Madison. You could get a close up photo and your neighbors wouldn’t even notice. Here’s a link to see what I’m talkin’ about (like you don’t know already)-you may have one already!

Comment by acmegirl

I do know what a ghillie suit is but I don’t how I know that. I remember looking at one on ebay once. Maybe I was just surfing Army supplies? Why would I be doing that? Hmm. Anyway, a ghillie suit is an excellent idea! They appear to be the same color and texture as a dead tomato plant so I would blend right in on the porch. Even just me in a ghillie suit waiting by Jeb’s bowl would be a good picture. Great idea!

Comment by cathylybarger

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