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Carne o fruita?
November 12, 2008, 11:12 pm
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I had to take away the possum’s bag because it was garbage night. I tried to unload my dregs from the juice machine onto him but he didn’t eat them. Probably because there was another bowl with chicken skins in it right there. Maybe he’ll come back for the fruit later. I had to leave him a little something something for taking away his bag.

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Wow, I learned something from the last post on possems! But its gonna be hard to change my opinion on the things. Good luck with Mr.Jingles,
I wouldn’t want him hanging around my house, it would drive my dog crazy, and she’s nuts enough.
From the backside it does look like a big rat..yuck!

Comment by Rosanne

Hey Rosanne-
I think your opinions about possums are valid and right on the same page with James’. Just because I’m doing the exact opposite thing you (and also James) would do does not mean I don’t respect your beliefs and value your comments. I do! It just means that my common sense is being over powered by my interest in watching the possum. He’s like a little chaos factor in our lives right now. What will he eat next? I don’t know! Plus, he’s blog material so, that has to run it’s course.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well then, I’m glad the little guy is serving a purpose, as I enjoy reading your blog!

Comment by Rosanne

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