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hope froze
November 10, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Don informed me tonight that my beloved tomato plant, Hope, passed away. Don remarked about how small now the once very mighty plant looked so me and James Lee, who was there for band practice, went to go look at it out the back window. When I turned on the porch light I saw not just the shrivled plant but also the cutest possum EVER sitting on our garbage bags. I pretty much forgot about Hope at that point focusing instead on the fact that I did not have my camera with. A picture of the possum exists in Jame’s phone but it will remain trapped there as his phone does not know internets.

But ANYWAY…that possom was so cute! It wasn’t just me, several other people remarked on it’s cuteness. I know blah, blah,blah not afraid of humans, blah,blah,blah, rabies–I’m not an idiot–I wasn’t opening the damn door to it I was just looking. I watched that possom for probably 45 minutes. The last 20 minutes or so the critter was all the way inside a bag so I was really just watching a bag move around while hoping that he’d come back out so I could look at him some more. The possum ate all of our discarded crust from a cheese-filled crust pizza we ate the other day. I think crust-grade cheese is different from actual pizza cheese. Like, if cheese were an animal the crust cheese would be made from the cheese animal’s hooves or scales or perhaps it’s rendered hide. Maybe that’s not how it works but that crust tasted abnormal to me. The possum really liked it though so I was glad we threw it away. Seeing that animal up close eating pizza crust was the high point of my day, for sure, maybe even the high point of my month. It’s been a slow month here.


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Sorry, Cathy, the Cheese animal is a myth.
You’re right about the crust-cheese, though, it’s different. It comes from the lower-grade ore in the cheese mines (originally in Silesia, but now, who knows?). It’s pretty easy to grade cheese ore, just check the cheese mites. The fatter and happier they are, the higher-grade the cheese.
Cheese mites don’t like crust-cheese ore.

Comment by phil

I figured one arm of your PHD would be based on microscopic creatures from the dairy level of the food pyramid. You did not disappoint me, Phil! You never do!

Comment by cathylybarger

You’d be surprised how many of our favorite foods are variations on excretory products. Honey is bee vomit, beer and wine are yeast piss, cheese (dairy in general) is rotten milk, and so on.
Sorry, no PhD, just an ABD. I bailed when I realized there were no jobs in invertebrate microanatomy, but there are jobs running microscopes.
But that got me to Antarctica, so that’s good.

Comment by phil

“You’d be surprised how many of our favorite foods are variations on excretory products.” Well put. Yuck but true. Twinkies don’t really fit into that category but then again, they’re not really food.

I thought you were degreed up all the way. No matter. You’re still way over qualified for being the go-to guy for all things bug and invertebrate microanatomy related.

Comment by cathylybarger

I would do anything for you, plus I love to read anway, and your tutorial rocks the house!!!

I am enjoying the possum stories of the future, by the way!

what if you tried a ham and pineapple pizza?

do people who eat those weird you out as much as their weird me out?

Comment by jean

Hey Jean!
I bet the possum would like ham and pineapple pizza. I don’t think I know any ham and pineapple pizza eaters personally but I’m sure they’re around. Like people who drink clam and tomato juice. I don’t get that either.
Oh well.
Stay well!

Comment by cathylybarger

Ham and pineapple pizza here. With barbeque sauce, if available. Renee likes it, too.
Clam and tomato juice, however … ig. Surf & turf for people who don’t know any better?

Comment by phil

Hey Cathy!
Reading about the death of your tomato plant brings me back to the days when I first started reading your blog. Remember Angelina the Pepper? I think that was her name…Your photo shoot of her daily decline is something I’ll never forget. Rest in Peace Angelina!

Comment by acmegirl

Angelina is immortalized in the Museum of Food Anomolies, if you will remember. (I will put the url here when I find it). She was a great pepper.

Also–Phil, Don’t eat that. It will give you bad dreams.

Comment by cathylybarger

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