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oh, happy day
November 5, 2008, 10:33 am
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Downtown Madison has the democratic enthusiasm of an entire large city, but we haven’t won anything in so long. Never did I lull myself into the sense that my immedate reality was the same as the nation at large because, usually, it isn’t. I’ve got Mc Cain supporters in my family, even. The outside world is just full of people who, no mater what the polls say, are going to do whatever the hell they want to do. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Often it defies logic, the outside world. Usually it defies logic. So Don and I did not assume that Obama was going to win until CNN announced it at 10pm CST. Then we were very tired because denying yourself optimism for that long is really exhausting. And that’s why we didn’t go to the bar with everyone else.

James Lee, the most vocally optimistic Obama supporter in the group, won the electoral vote pool by guessing 330. Incredibly, he called that on October 9th. If only we’d believed him we wouldn’t be nursing ulcers right now. Way to go, James Lee! Inexplicably, your prize is a ceramic penguin wearing a santa hat. That’s what was on my desk when I was writing down numbers on Monday. You can swap it out for a disembodied santa head or a burnt pizza if you want. Those are also on my desk.


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