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November 4, 2008, 11:55 am
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I love Obama and all the folks who work for him but I am really looking forward to the day when I can come home and not have Obama leaflets waiting for me to carry them to the recycle can. In the time that it took me to vote for Obama, which was about 5 minutes, this flyer appeared on the door. Save a tree, you guys. Skip the houses in downtown Madison that are 50 ft. from a polling place. We don’t need convincing-we’re all voting for Obama, already. Surely everyone knows that. And we can see the polling place from our house. That’s Cathy’s rant of the day.

Meanwhile…we’re having excellent weather this week. 70’s today but possible snow on the weekend. Normally I wouldn’t be inside blogging but, since all I’ve been doing is work on the tutorial, I don’t really feel like I deserve to go outside because I haven’t gotten any beads made. I did go for a walk this morning so I could take a picture of this tree for you:

I call it “Two-Thirds Tree”. That just looks funny as hell. Two-Thirds Tree’s companion, Three-Quarters Tree, also looked funny as hell but it’s leaves fell off before I could take a picture. Madison is lousy with trees. Most of the big ones are cut up like that so the power lines can go through. It kind of begs the question, how much of the tree can you cut away before you start thinking maybe we shouldn’t have a tree in this particular spot? Apparently it’s more than a third.


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