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fun’s over
October 27, 2008, 2:02 pm
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Yesterday I ate a hot dog and today I ate a tangerine. What other sorts of food would be available to me if I were to eat only food mentioned in Led Zeppelin songs? (I can think of two more…)

SO. Fun is over here. It’s sleeting outside. It’s cold. For the most part cold equals end of fun.The Lost School band had an outdoor gig at an area co-op grocery store yesterday but it got cancelled because it was too cold and windy. The real tragedy is that, having no good excuse to drag myself to the co-op, I didn’t buy any organic beets for juice time. Now my juice will be pedestrian and flavorless! Well, not flavorless but decidedly less interesting to look at. Beet juice makes whatever you mix it with look like blood and that makes it fun to drink. The crappy weather has only been here for hours and already it is ruining things.

Last night was kind of a harbinger of things to come. It was cold outside and the forecast was for more cold. Sure, there’s going to be some warm days yet but not in a month or so. It’s time to get those indoor projects lined up. I figure I can make juice, which I like to do,  and also fix the living room walls.

My strategically placed painting covers a lot of the peeling paint but you can still see some if you look. This is one of those things I’ve been putting off because the longer I wait the more paint will fall off naturally. Also, no one cares what our walls look like. Bob Foster remarked that they look like Pompeii and thinks we should use (or continue to use) the destroyed by a volcano look as a theme for the room. Unless I paint them an entirely different color I don’t think anyone will notice they’ve been fixed, except maybe Bob Foster, and that’s just because he will be disappointed that his suggestion was not taken seriously. So I’ve got a lot of different issues to contend with here. It’s not just fixing the walls, it’s keeping everyone happy.


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Hm. Nice iris … the pattern of cracks and peeled paint looks like ivy. It’s fall, maybe it’s dead ivy?
When you’re done, want to come here and paint our still-unpainted trim and cracked plaster? We’ve gone past procrastination and are into entropy now.

Comment by phil

I painted that flower when I was in college. Yep. I used to really be into flowers.

If this works out–this reconstructing an entire wall out of tape and joint compound–perhaps I will travel the country Kung-Fu like and fix everyone’s plaster walls while they sleep. That’d get me into heaven.

Comment by cathylybarger

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