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October 24, 2008, 2:26 pm
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Me and Don went out drinking with his pals from Three Floyds Brewing on Wednesday. Don’t do that too often, the bar hopping. That’s why I called in sick to work yesterday. Hope my pecker head boss isn’t mad.

A discovery of note in our drunken adventure was a bar called Woody and Anna’s. It’s somewhere between East Washington and Atwood avenues. (Details are sketchy.) It’s a quaint, friendly little place owned by people named Woody and Anna. I would like a bar like that. Don and I toy with the idea of turning the building that houses my studio into a bar. We’re going to call it “The ‘Vark”. It’s a fun thing to think about until you remember that, in the past, relatively small scale serving of alcohol on gallery night has resulted in the police having to be called. Maybe that isn’t such a hot idea.

But back to Woody and Anna’s and the pumpkin–Every year they have a “Guess The Weight” of an enormous pumpkin contest. Last year’s was 160lb. As you can read from the notes posted on the squash the prize for guessing the weight had been just the pumpkin. Later on, presumably to stimulate more guesses (at fifty cents each)$10.00 was added to the prize pool. Now you’re talking. A couple hundred pounds of perishable food item alone could be seen as more of a burden than a prize.

In other news…Isn’t October taking forever? God. I think part of the reason it’s going so slow has something to do with a little goal I set for myself which is to not turn the heat on in the house until Nov. 1. I use as much electricity in the studio as we do in the house. And I have to heat the studio to 70 degrees from mid Sept. on for my animals. So Madison Gas and Electric is getting plenty from me already. Also, I saw a Frontline episode that made me think about power usage across the board. Did you know it takes a pound of coal to power a tv for four hours?  Not that we’re going to go without tv–especially when it’s so cold in the house that there isn’t anything else to do but sit under a blanket and watch it. This weekend we’ve got highs in the 40’s and lows in the 20’s so we’ll see how conservationist we’re feeling then. Testing the limits of human adaptability is fun as long as it’s not absolutely necessary.

Even though I had the slows yesterday I managed to list some new frogs on Etsy. You don’t have to buy them, just look at them. It’s good work!


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That poor, misshapen pumpkin. I mean, what does one do with a pumpkin that weighs a couple hundred pounds? 30-pound bags of toasted pumpkin seeds? Eat a made-from-scratch pumpkin pie a day? Now let’s consider that you’ve just won it at a bar after 15 beers. Hollow it out, cut out some eyes and walk around with it on your head?

Poor pumpkin.

Comment by Amanda

The bartendress suggested pies, but I think she may have been angling for a free pie. It’s just a fun activity for the drunk people. Probably there’s some guy out there who did his graduate work on giant pumpkins who is just dying to channel his expertise somewhere. That bar is going to make his day. Everyone’s an expert on something around here.

Comment by cathylybarger

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