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seven more things
October 21, 2008, 11:07 am
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Linda of Bella Beads tagged me for yet another one of those tag things. They’re kinda fun so I will do it again. The bare minimum, as always.

1) Right now all of my incoming links to the blog are from stock trading sites and sites that offer tips on poker playing. No idea why that is.

2) My earliest childhood memory is of my mom scraping my shoe against the cement stairs in front of our old house. She was trying to remove a dead worm or worms from the bottom of my shoe while it was still on my foot. I suspect, but I don’t know, that my brother had something to do with the worms being there. I must have been about two at the time. I never asked my mom to confirm this cause I doubt she’d remember scraping something off my shoe 39 years ago. She does read the blog though so maybe she’ll comment.

3) I cannot hypnotize my prey. I have to go buy it pre-packaged from the grocery store like everyone else. I say this to my shame.

4) I think Renee Zellweger looks freakish in period clothing.

5) I think the 80’s were a culturally dead decade that produced the worst music and movies of our time.

6) I think that the guy on the Soloflex commercial who gave all of his fat clothes to his fat friends is the most insufferable human on Earth.

7) I’m afraid that if I give away all my secrets I will lose my mystique and none of you will want to electronically chase me around the virtual couch anymore. Our lives will become repetitive and we will grow to hate each other. So I’m not revealing anything more.


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You’re a nut and thats what I like best about you 🙂 Whats that about the 80’s??!! I loved those big Mall hair do’s, disco dancing and all night parties 😉 Or, was that the 70’s??

Comment by Linda

Except for the big hair, that sounds like the 70’s to me. The 80’s were the techno pop music and the cocaine jags and the people being seperated spacially by giant shoulder pads.

Appreciation for the 80’s generally and 80’s music in particular is something that I just cannot understand. Nostalgia for such an era is proof that people will like ANYTHING that you put in front of them. I can speak no further on the topic without going into a rant. Must shut up now.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey…I resemble those remarks!
Just want to say that I am really loving the frog series of beads your doing now. Specially cute was the frog on a beer glass, and the twinkie…

Comment by Rosanne

I don’t mean to offend any of you who have perfectly good taste–my blood just gets angried up sometimes.

Yeah, so those frogs–I’d be remiss if I did not say that the instructions for the frog came from Corina Tettinger’s book “Passing The Flame”. (I think everyone knows that but it bears repeating.) I purchased that tutorial in advance of the book in…maybe ’03? (Must have been ’03 because Don bought me a frog calendar that year.) Anyway, learning that frog was sort of a watershed event for me because that’s why I started making beads in the first place–to make critters. That frog is a good one.

Since I’m better at beads now I should be able to make cooler frogs or more detailed frogs or at least hone my object making skills. That’s what I’m working toward, I think.

Comment by cathylybarger

What an odd earliest memory… I’m more surprised that you can pinpoint it. Worms. Ew. Sorry, no more girliness in this comment, promise. Not even from the part of me that really loved that (possibly trashy) “off one shoulder sweater” thing… or the part that likes legwarmers incorporated into daily life. None of it!

The frogs are awesome. I’m having a hard time keeping my pro-twinkie bias (my ass) from factoring in to which frog I like more: 8-Ball Frog, Twinkie Frog, or Beer Frog.
I really, really like Beer Frog, as the stein appears more like a little froggy crotch-rocket rather than a beer glass. Endless possibilities abound. Alcoholic space frogs.

Comment by Amanda

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