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capacity for creativity

I guess I’m still thinking about that dolphin segment in yesterday’s CBS This Morning Show. Not because I like dolphins (I find them insufferable) but because I enjoy watching people invent tests that measure animal intelligence to see if I can’t get some tips on measuring my own.

On TMS, humans were trying to measure the dolphin’s capacity for creativity. They did this by letting the dolphins play in a pool with a bunch of different toys. They could play as long as they wanted as long as they didn’t repeat the ways in which they “play” (pick up, toss, swim with) the toys. Each unique time they played with a toy the testers reinforced them with a whistling sound. If they did the same thing over and over they had to stop playing.

Since the dolphins are smart enough to understand the concept of “different” and the whistling sound (or something it represented) was adequate reward for their efforts, they invented plenty of new ways to play with their toys. I know “different” and I have a figurative pool with lots of toys in it and I have opposable thumbs. There’s no reason in the world I shouldn’t be able to outshine the dolphins in the creative department. I just have to get me a whistling human in a wet suit to motivate me when I’m making beads.


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🙂 Linda

Comment by Linda

I think having some whistling humans (with or without wet suits) to “motivate” you while you are making beads would depend a lot on what you were _wearing_ at the time…. 😉 (Especially if you were also on full display in your front shop window while making the beads!) 😛

Well, just a thought! (Kind of like the old walk-by-the-construction-site situations, etc….) 🙂

O.k., I’ll go now —


Comment by Annie :)

Hey Annie-
I think the whistling thing was kind of like clicker training with a dog. You give them food and make a sound until the animal associates happiness (or whatever) with the sound alone. I think that’s what they were doing with the dolphins but they never really explained it so who knows? Could have been a self esteem thing. Those dolphins are pretty full of themselves.

I actually did my own experiment with my own self yesterday and gave myself some gummy bears whenever I made a new bead. Yup! Got some new stuff made. Still some bears left so I might do it again today.

Comment by cathylybarger

Linda, linda, linda. I think I did this one a few days ago. But since my heart is such a deep ocean of secrets I think I can probably do it again.

Comment by cathylybarger

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