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October 15, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Bob Foster- “Hey, Sean, I had a dream about you last night.”

Sean- “Was I killing someone in it?”


Thanks to James Lee for writing that one down so we would remember it.


So the other day this fellow, a landscaping guy, was working on burying drains that hook up to our downspouts. A building inspector shows up and the guy just takes off. That was our first clue that maybe things weren’t going exactly to code. As long as the situations are corrected by Friday we’re not going to get fined. That is the important thing. We haven’t paid them yet-that’s the other important thing. And the yard looks great–they did a stellar, stellar job–which makes you wonder why anything would have to get fucked up in the end like this. Oh well. Who has the time to worry about every little thing that fucks up. I just thought that it was kinda funny that the guy ran away. That’s what I wanted to tell you about.

Photographic documentation of our illegal drains is conspicuously absent because Photoshop suddenly decided to stop opening on the studio computer. In order to put some stuff up on Etsy yesterday I had to bring a disk of pics to plug into the old, old, old, gigantic dinosaur Dell computer at the house. That thing, god bless it, it still works reliably but it’s functions are accompanied by some pretty mysterious noises. If ever I have to use it regularly I swear I’m going to attach a crank (like from a meat grinder or something) to it so I can get some exercise and make believe I’m helping while it wakes up from it’s slumber. (Like mocking Don when he’s tired, mocking helpless machines is fun for me.) The computer took 12 minutes to email pictures to the store which is somewhat longer than it takes me to walk there.

So even though the spending caps have been put on everything I had to get a copy of Photoshop 5.5. As far as I’m concerned, Photoshop is more essential than food. Mostly because, when things go well, it’s how you pay for food. It’s also harder to get for free than food is. My friends and my parents and nearby anonymous garden owners all have food, but no Photoshop.

Version 5.5 is what I learned on and it is all I want to use. We had someone install version 7 on that piece of shit Imac that died years ago and I never used it because paint bucket and gradient were on the same button. I couldn’t get past that. Those are the ones I use all the time! The have to have separate icons. So the bad thing about new, 10 year old soft ware is that it’s hard to find. The good thing is that, because no one wants it, it doesn’t cost that much.

And so, the morals of the stories are: Pictures will be back in the blog soon. Even though it’s fun, it’s not nice to mock things. Make sure your landscaping company is registered, and watch out for Sean.

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