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October 13, 2008, 12:57 pm
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In the spirit of posting “before” pictures in a place that I can find them again, here is a picture of our upstairs hallway. You can see the chimney behind that wall there. That’s where the wetness is localized. When we moved in that wall had a small amount of water damage. We assumed it had something to do with the old chimney, because it had no mortar, so we had it lined 3 yrs ago and then rebuilt the outside part the other month.

So that wall is now about as wet as it has ever been, even though it hasn’t rained in a while. Since it’s about the consistency of craft foam I pick at the paint a lot when I’m walking by. I like to pick. The other week we cut a hole in the wall to see what was back there and did re con up in the attic to find out where all the wetness was coming from and everything was dry as a bone. The roof is unbreached. Don cut into the attic floor above the wall and it was dry there. You’d think you’d see mold or stains or something, somewhere. So we’re still betting on condensation issues and also leakage that occured before the chimney was fixed. The chimney is almost completely exposed through out the house so it’s easy to see that it is also dry in the basement, dry as it goes through the kitchen and dry as it goes through the attic. It’s only covered for the eight or so feet behind this wall, which now is almost not a wall at all.

We’re not overly about repairing this thing because 1) We earnestly believe that the worst of the wetness is over and it has to dry out this winter 2) It’s upstairs so it practically isn’t in our reality and 3) There’s just other stuff to do. All I’m saying by posting this is don’t be surprised if, one day, the figure of a weeping saint appears magically in the picked off paint on the wall. Because that would explain everything.


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Well, you’ll either get that weeping saint or flies will start swarming the house and it’ll turn into Amityville.
Or Don might start doing 180s with his head.
I’m just sayin’, even though you might have the Vatican on speed-dial in the event of a saint sighting, it can’t -hurt- to have an exorcist on there as well…

Comment by Amanda

Uhhh…as a matter of fact a significant fly episode occured right after Don opened up that hole in the wall. I didn’t want to mention forces of evil to him because he’s got enough to contend with just living with me. Some of our friends were experiencing fly infestations at the same time so we chalked it up to seasonal occurances.

ps. That wall is still damp today. Total mystery.

Comment by cathylybarger

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