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October 7, 2008, 1:53 pm
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Today I helped my pal Margaret wire some rubber ants to a foam cheese hat. She needs it for her Halloween costume. And church. Margaret is going as a black, ant covered blob with a wedge of ant covered cheese on top. Tres surreal! I like the way her mind works. We should really seize this opportunity to make an art school film.

Well, Don and I spent the weekend working on the house and watching movies in Spanish with English sub-titles. We have a saying in Lost School that goes: What you are doing isn’t going to work but it might help. That’s how I  feel about the movie thing. Something is being learned by listening to the Spanish version of “Pulp Fiction”, I’m just not sure what it is. Strangely enough, after watching that movie I still don’t know how to say “motherfucker” in Spanish. Isn’t that the one thing you’d think I’d come away with? That’s what I thought it would be.

You know what’s really weird about movies? The number of times people say “I’m sorry”. Start paying attention to that–it’s really weird. “I’m sorry” is one of the first things I learned how to say in Spanish because, you know, I am sorry. About a lot of things. And I’m planning to be sorry for even more things in the future. Since it was familiar, that phrase really stood out. We watched three very different movies and it was kind of remarkable how sorry everyone was in each one. Or maybe they weren’t really sorry but just felt bad. Either way it was strange. I don’t think I would have noticed that if we were listening to them in English.

So I finished our downstairs bathroom. It’s all painted and the base tiles are in. Save for it’s accessories it looks just like a normal bathroom which doesn’t seem right but it doesn’t seem wrong, either. Anyone going in there now would never know that there was once a dangerously large hole in the floor and you could see outside through the wall. I will tell them though! Stories of house centipedes and mice swarming up from the basement attacking the bathroom laborers causing illness and fear rivaling that of workers on the Panama Canal. All so that you can come to our house and take a dump in relative safety and comfort. You’re welcome.


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I think you should have taken a high res. photo of the hole in the wall and framed it and put it right where the hole was. That way you wouldn’t have to tell them. Then again, it might have made them ask questions. Never mind.

Comment by Lori G.

Know what? That is a super idea, Lori! Not that we need more pictures on the walls but there are some pretty incredibly worn out areas on our house that should be captured in high-res for posterity. Then we could hang them up to show people that we’re at least trying. One of the big disappointments about fixing stuff is that when you’re done it just looks normal. People did notice when we got walls and a floor in there because they made a noticable difference in seat temperature. Reaction to that was favorable. I was hoping for a parade or something now that it’s all done but I don’t think anyone even noticed it. People need to be reminded of how things were in the before time–then, when they’re fixed, I shall have the parade I so richly deserve.

Comment by cathylybarger

Make sure you show us your parade wave.

Comment by Lori G.

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