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The Mother of all Weddings
September 22, 2008, 2:43 pm
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How cool is that? Getting married up on the mound at Azatlan State Park? Pretty cool. An interesting blend of traditional and hippie styles. All of the pictures I have of the wedding were taken blind because my camera blacks out when you hold it up outdoors. That one was the least crooked. Blacking out is preferable to what the camera does at night:

I guess that’s from moisture or something? Or fairies? I don’t know. I was too tired and confused at that point to figure it out. There were about 5 pictures like that and then it went away. But enough of my technical difficulties…

Anyway, this wedding…it went about as great as anyone could hope for. The weather was perfect, we brought just the right amount of beer, there was enough electricity for everyone, no one fell down the hill at the park. What was especially neat was that almost everything (except for the catering, I think) was brought by a friend or family member. That includes Erika’s hair and make-up, the porta-potties, the cake, the officiating, the beer, the music, the reception site, the ice sculptures, the booze, the rings, the tents, the photography, the balloon arch–all people Aaron and Erika know. That was a fun crowd. A lot of ’em camped out on Saturday night. One person just fell asleep on the ground. I remember seeing him on the way to my tent, just as I was questioning my own ability to make it to my tent. He was a little iffy the next day. I’ve never seen anyone so happy to be reunited with their sunglasses as he was the next morning.

But anyway, back to the stuff at the wedding–Erika’s sister Jeanne and Jeanne’s husband Max own Art Below Zero, an ice carving company. Peruse their gallery because they do some incredible stuff. I really like this dump truck shrimp display. One of the sculptures at the wedding was a giant mock-up of Erika’s signature with which she signs her welded pieces:

It says “E.K.”, see? The picture is off  center, of course. Up in that round part is a little anvil and hammer.

Pretty neat-o, huh? Nice thing about ice sculptures is: nothing to pack up the next day. Sad thing about ice sculptures: nothing to pack up the next day.

Here’s a picture of Aaron wearing the cuff links I made:

Funny thing about that is-none of the groomsmen had cuff link-ready shirts. Small detail, probably should have checked before hand. They improvised by making their own cuff link holes with a steak knife.

So Don and I are just dog tired after that whole thing. This event was like helping someone move, dressing up, getting really loaded, camping and then helping someone move again. I was only helper monkey–I wasn’t involved in the performance at all, but I did a lot of shit. There’s no avoiding doing stuff if you’re Don’s helper monkey. Don, by the way, did a stellar job officiating the ceremony–his marrying speech thing (whatever you call it) was a really funny welding analogy about the briefness of actual welding time compared to time spent preparing the surfaces and cleaning up your work space. Don thought the welding analogy was, in it’s ease, going for the low-hung fruit but everyone loved it. It was very apropos.

I think I’m going to go clean up at home now. One more thing to plug though-An Etsy store where I bought a wedding present for Erika and Aaron. Trixie Delicious writes and draws all manner of things on vintage plates and tea sets. I find her work extremely hilarious. Even though she is in New Zeland I recieved my plate within about a week of ordering it. I got the one that says “Weirdo” on it.


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O.k…. where’s the (promised? threatened?) picture of you in the famous LBD — or in this case, the LBDFITG, right? (As in, “Little Black Dress Found In The Garbage”?!) 😉

I love those eyeball cufflinks… I think you should make some eyeball earrings! (Seriously, _I’d_ get some!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Weddings are great, aren’t they? (Especially when they are NOT your own!!!) 😛

O.k., will check back for the (in)famous photo… ??!!!!


Comment by Annie :)

Hey Annie-
Oh boy, well…as there were many cameras there I’m sure someone got a picture of the dress. Because I can’t abide panty hose and nice shoes I only wore it to the ceremony, which was hectic, and then immediately afterward we had to zip back to the farm because it was Don’s job to find people who could stand by the road and give parking directions. It got good reviews, the dress did. I know I was in a group photo wearing it. I have confidence one will turn up. Or I can put the dress on the mannequin.

Everyone was so busy at this event-I wanted a pic of all the Lost School people all dressed up but since everyone had a job to do it never happened. Now is the first time I’ve thought about that since before the wedding. I never got to see the cake, either. I ate some but that was after it was dark outside. I think I missed a lot of things, photos of the dress among them. I will ask around though.

Comment by Cathy Lybarger

The glowing orbs in the photo are often considered ghosts or spirits to those who lean that way.

The more rational school of thought is the orbs are created by particulate matter in the air reflecting the flash.

Comment by BoBs

That’s what the more rational minds at the gathering told me, about the particulate matter. Lotta moisture, I think. Or fairies. Or moist fairies.

Comment by cathylybarger

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