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What-not and pending nuptuals
September 17, 2008, 3:18 pm
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Well, we’ve got a tile floor in our downstairs bathroom now. (We are dangerously close to having one tiny room in our house that is completely fixed!) As far as I’m concerned the whole house should be tile. It’s so easy to clean and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to install it. I could put it in, even. I really want to do the kitchen-the linoleum on the floor in there stopped responding to cleaning some 30 years ago.

The kitchen project may be put on hold for a while because…miracle of miracles a nice young man with a landscaping company has agreed to tear down and rebuild our backyard so our basement won’t leak. Can you believe it? It’s like he flew down straight from Heaven. It’s going to cost a lot of beads but when it’s done we’re going to have a dry basement and a tiny backyard with some grass in it. And Hope the tomato plant can stay in her little box until she passes away from natural causes.

Until very recently I had such a case of the I Don’t Give A Shits toward the topic of the house getting fixed. Now that things are moving along and there is noticeable improvement I’m getting kind of excited about it. Excited about the results and also about it getting done, finally. Once the backyard is done I think we’ll be out of money so we won’t really have to worry about anything else for a while. That will be nice. The house will still look really crappy from the front but if there’s a square of grass in the backyard we won’t have to spend any time up there. I’m going to spend my time sitting with my tomato plant in the spot that’s done. That’s my plan.

In other news, my God! The wedding. Here’s the other all-consuming thing we’re working on. I got my rockstar eyeball cuff links all done and last night I drew the Lost School logo on the band’s base drum so it would look spiffy at the reception. I don’t think I’m participating in much of the set up since it involves moving a 400lb Hammond organ from our house to the reception site which is on a farm near Lake Mills, WI. Everybody’s pitching in, doing what they know how to do well. And everyone knows how to do something that’s handy. Erika and Aaron didn’t meet at our house or anything, but, since they’re both regulars, as far as we’re concerned it’s a Lost School wedding. The first of many, we hope. Being married is fun.

Did I mention that in the garbage Erica found me a little black dress to wear to the wedding? It’s nicer than anything I already have, which isn’t saying much. The important thing is I didn’t have to go out and buy anything. Yah. Also, it’s funny to wear a dress that Erika found in the garbage. I wear sweatpants I found in the garbage all the time but a dress is different. Maybe we’ll take a picture.

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Hey Cat (Soo sorry ’bout the long refrain from bloggidy respondin’) I’m am much lookin forward to that small patch of green space and the future memorial dedicated to that intrepid little tomato plant. Those quiet little moments in your garden will certainly help to ease the pain of even the merest of memories of that 400 ton great grandmother gorilla of all hangovers sure to follow from the Aaron-Erika paring ritual festivities like a freight train of Hammond organs whirling overdriven Leslie speakers inside whats left of said attendies heads. Oh My God! Hell, I know these people. I am at once honored and terrified to soon be a witness and participant at this unique event which as certainly as the sun will rise is sure to rewrite the future wikipedia entry to “Saturnalia”. And why not, after all, the chances of an actual honorary lifetime members’ life actually by chance corresponding to some accepted sociotal institution is just too sweet not to savour the irony and rarity of such an occurance. Hence the pre-birth pangs of overindulgance upon one Lost School wedding’s eve…
P.S. Where can I get me some of them rockstar eyeball cufflinks?…

Comment by sp

Hey Sean-
Awesome comment! Like Don said, that wedding is like a big rock tossed into our small pond–the ripples! My god, the ripples! The organ is home safe and sound but the house looks like an atomic shit bomb hit it. Housekeeping and everything else fell by the wayside last week as the preparations began. Gotta git on that today.

Watch for eyeballs in the Etsy store!

Comment by cathylybarger

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