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my hand revisited
September 14, 2008, 8:20 pm
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On Saturday morning I awoke to find that I had a message written in Sharpie marker on the back of my hand. It said something to the effect of “Noam Chomskyis the voice of the Geico lizard.” I remember thinking on Friday night when the gang was over that starting a rumor to that effect would be a very worthwhile thing to do. Not so much today. And now it won’t wash off. Wa-waaaaaaa.

While I was filing away into my image host the above picture of my hand I came across some pictures of that really gross skin disease I had a few years ago. Do you guys remember that? That crazy fungal infection that ate all the skin off my hand? Boy, that was some kind of uncomfortable. I was kind of a superstar in the dermatology department at the University-everybody taking my picture. Anyway, I don’t know why you would but, if you want to see the gross hand pictures again here’s one of the back of my hand and here’s one of the front. I can’t believe I walked around with that for as long as I did. Yuck.

Well, here I am working on the Sabbath. One of the bands that’s playing at the wedding is practicing at home. I ducked out to finish up the flaming lavender eyeballs for the grooms men’s cuff links.

I’m going to cut the backs off the eyeballs with a diamond band saw before gluing them to the findings. They’re going to be pretty heavy but I think I can balance them out with a washer on the other side of the cuff. People at this wedding will want to wear a washer on their cuffs. Anyway, that’s going to be done soon and when it is I will be able to stop thinking about it. Then I should probably focus on getting the ink off my hand.


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To remove permanent marker from surfaces such as dry erase boards or skin use a cloth with a small dab of vegetable or olive oil on marked up area to dilute and remove the ink. For skin castille soaps also work well as they are derived from olive oil and blessed by doc Brohmer.

dilute some White vinegar with water and a drop of dish-washing liquid or use a glass cleaner
such as Windex to remove oily residue from dry erase boards. For skin regular soap will do.


Comment by BoBs

Well, shit the bed!
The marker is going away and it’s probably because we use castille soap (aka “old man soap”)at home. Neat! That’s a good tip about the olive oil. When Don gets bored he sometimes draws on me sharpies so I’m sure I’ll have a chance to try that out. Thanks for the tip, BoBs!

Comment by cathylybarger

That skin disease makes me hurt, just looking at it! Was it painful at all, or just… gross-looking?

Noam Chomsky.
You know, someone recommended something he’d written to me a few months ago, and now I can’t remember what it was to save my life.
That’s just the way it goes, though.
I love it when people mention things like that… your blog always has something in it that catches my eye.
…And those cufflinks you finished? Are freaking. Amazing.
Do you think it would be unfair to originality of the wedding party if you began making some beads like that?

Comment by Amanda

Hi Amanda
The skin thing was super itchy on a level to which I have nothing to compare it. Things got even worse when I had an allergic reaction to the anti-biotics they gave me for the staph infection. I was itchy everywhere, inside and out. That was a horrible time. Still don’t know what caused it.

Those eyeballs-I may whip up some of those for the Etsy store. I’m sure Aaron won’t care. They weren’t a planned order or anything. According to Erika, he was just yammering when he brought them up. He didn’t expect anyone to make them.

Comment by cathylybarger

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