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ok, i’m back
September 11, 2008, 12:17 pm
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That was fun, actually. Don’s never been home for a week before so, by extension, I’ve never shared daytime company with anyone other than a cranky hedgehog and a needy iguana for a whole week before. So that was great. Our chimney guy showed up a few weeks early and rebuilt our chimney. Now our chimney is beautiful-it’s the best one on the block. I’d take a picture of but I’m pretty sure this is one of those things that only I am into.

So, while the chimney guys toiled away I tried my hand at staining our window frames. I didn’t think I was going to be great at it or anything but I thought I’d at least be able to match the color of the old wood. Turns out I don’t know what the hell color that wood is. We did the matching of the wood to the can of stain thing in the hardware store (twice) and I made a real pretty color but it doesn’t match at all. We should have asked someone for help. The real tragedy is that, now that she’s spent the whole summer staining and re staining the trim in her house, our friend Jeanne is a stain maven. When she’s not working on her house I imagine that she is waiting by the phone just in case a friend calls with a question about stain. I might hit her up for advice on the next round of windows but chances are, now that I know which shades of brown our windows are not, I’m just going to roll the dice with a third color. It has to be one of them, doesn’t it?  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We never have our curtains open anyway.

In other news, Don bought a juicer the other day. He wanted to juice some peppers for pepper beer at his work and he became enamored with the device. It is neat-o and fun to use but it seems a little spendy buying fresh fruit and vegetables for their juices. I do like the juice machine, though. I made some beet, carrot, apple , celery juice the other day that was pretty good considering the ingredients. It’s really pretty. I have a jar of it thawing out on my hard drive right now. Don even drank some of it yesterday and though it was ok. He was paging through the juice recipe book when he said something funny that I will relay to you:

Don: “Pear, apple, strawberry juice sounds good.”

Me: “We could make that. We’ve got the ingredients.”

Don: “We have pears and apples?”

Me: “Yes.”

Don: “and strawberries?”

Me: “Yes.”

Don: “Then why are we drinking beet juice?”

Me: “Ahahahahahahah!”

The end.


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Why does the stain have to match the wood? You trying to camouflage the windows? “I know there’s a window around there somewhere, but damn! I can’t find the trim.”

Comment by phili

Ahahahaha! They don’t have to match, really. I just thought that, since I had two days to do this and I’m supposed to know a thing or two about color, now might be a good time for me to start giving a shit about stuff I do around the house. I actually don’t think that stain is matchable because it’s so friggin’ old. The two colors are just going to have to get along.

Comment by cathylybarger

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