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Don’s pants revisited
September 1, 2008, 1:03 pm
Filed under: Bloggidy Blog

We lucked out this weekend and got to entertain the relatives (Don’s nephew and his nephew’s girlfriend) instead of cleaning the pole barn where America’s couple is holding their wedding reception. Good thing too because the pole barn turned out to be full of bees. Anyway, over the weekend we ended up doing some touristy stuff and some bar hopping and a lot of walking around. We had a really great time.

Since it was right between the Capitol and the downtown Great Dane we had to stop at Context (upscale men’s clothing store) to visit Don’s famous pants. This is my idea of a tourist destination. There’s probably about two of you out there who will remember this but back in…last year or was it ’06? I can’t remember either. Anyway, Sam, the fellow who owns Context, gave Don was given an expensive pair of blue jeans to wear under the conditions that he would wear them almost every day and go without washing them for a year. This is a common practice among people who buy these jeans because the wearing and not washing creates interesting fading effects later on. Of course, most people are not wearing their jeans to work where malt and grain and caustic solution gets in the cuffs, but that’s a side of the story only I know about. So Don wore the pants for eight months after which time they were mercifully washed and placed on the wall and on the website for the crowds to admire. I think this was the first time I saw the pants close up after they were washed. Hmm.  Look at them. There they are.

So, in addition to seeing the pants we also got to hear Sam talk about denim and why the pants cost so much. And you know, I never know what I’m going to learn about when I’m awake on a specific day. Who knew on Saturday it would have been facts about $200.-$375. pairs of men’s jeans? Or that I would care about that? But it was interesting what he had to say, I thought–it’s all about the handwork that goes into the dying and the weaving of the cloth. This is not b.s. either-there’s a specific guy who dyes thread by hand. And “distressed” (or beat-up looking) jeans, apparently that’s all done by hand often by specific people. People who know how to burn cigarette holes in jeans–apparently there’s one guy who knows how to do that really well and the people who buy these jeans know this and want those particular pants. And some of those jeans are put out in editions of 250 pairs, like a print or something.

Interesting marketing concept and interesting backstory. I really can’t pooh-pooh the expensive jeans anymore, not without pooh-pooing the craft of the people who dye thread for weaving and put holes in the pants. It’s a weird job they’ve got but it isn’t any weirder than mine.


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