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August 28, 2008, 11:16 pm
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 The other weekend a friend of mine threw Erika a batchelorette party complete with surprise male stripper. I kinda hoped I’d go my whole life without seeing a male stripper but you just never know what you’re going to see. Or be unable to unsee. Anyway, male strippers have interesting jobs. It seems like they make a lot of money but I’m not sure how well they make out hourly when you throw in all the hours they have to spend waxing and tanning and working out. I really wanted to ask the guy about that but pestering him about his extensive grooming habits seemed weird and probably rude. I did ask him if he was in a union and he said no. That was about the extent of my conversation with him.

So, what else is new…the funnel spider by the mailbox is still there and has been joined by a female funnel spider. That’s pretty exciting. I hope things work out between them and they find a nice place outside to lay their eggs. Tomorrow I think I’m going to finish up a project for the wedding. Aaron wants his four groomsmen to be wearing lavender colored flaming eyeball cufflinks. They’re similar to the ones worn in the movie “A Clockwork Orange” except they’re lavender instead of blue and they’re on fire. Boys rarely ask me to make jewelry for them so when they do I have to. They’ll be neat.

I’ve got a slew of weekend social engagements coming up in the next few weeks. Thinking about them makes me tired. Some of them are pretty up in the air, like, am I washing a pole barn on Saturday or am I entertaining visiting relatives? Both are perfectly worthwhile activities though I’m leaning toward the relative entertaining because that doesn’t involve washing a pole barn. I don’t know. I guess I’ll just let you know what’s going on as things come up.


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You are too funny. (do I start all of my comments here like that?) Male strippers kind of gross me out because I can’t get past the fact that the one time I experienced that at a bachelorette party he seemed a little too in love with his ownself. He probably gets into the grooming. Which brings me to my next thought…

How many other women sat and wondered about his grooming habits while he was stripping? Reminds me of my dad…he once took my step-mom and her mother to a strip club because they wanted to see what it was all about. A girl was dancing and my dad made the comment that she had a hair lip to which my step mom said “you’re looking at her FACE?”

Comment by Lori G.

Yeah, this guy, god bless him he did a good job but, he seemed in love with himself too. How could he not be, really, when his job is making himself beautiful and people are paying a lot of money to look at him naked?

About the grooming thing–Since I’m on the lowest rung on the grooming ladder (lotsa people with internet jobs are) anyone who is even 2/3rds of the way up seems kind of freakish to me. This guy who, since he worked out had substantial surface area on his person, had absolutely no hair anywhere below the top of his head. How did he do that? Did he wax? Did he bathe in Nair? Was he naturally hairless? I wanted to know. It was all I could think about. Well, that and “please stay away from me. I do not want your groin in my face.”

Since this was kind of an unpleasant experience for me, I’ve been thinking a lot about how a stripper like him could engage people in the audience, like me, who aren’t really into oogling his physique. How funny would it be if a stripper started making balloon animals? You wouldn’t even have to know how to twist anything difficult–you could just make a balloon penis. Three twists tops. ANYTHING would have been a welcome break. I would have tipped him $5. for a balloon penis. Women like men who make them laugh. A balloon animal stripper would clean up.

Of course the use of props would detract from his bod, and he works really hard to maintain that so probably no one is ever going to try this. I’m just saying…balloon animal stripper–that’s a trillion dollar idea.

Comment by cathylybarger

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