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August 14, 2008, 12:42 pm
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We went to a shrimp boil at a minor league ball game last night. Madison Mallards vs. The Woodchucks (from somewhere). That’s a slice of hometown Americana for you. Like everything else I attend, this was a little treat for vendors, such as people who work for The Great Dane, since their beer is sold at the ball park. Always with the Great Dane and the treats.

Baseball is a little slow for me but minor league baseball is pretty entertaining cause they’ve got a lot of weird stuff between innings to look at. Also, there are funnel cakes for sale. So it’s dinner and a show. We had a good time.

But back to the above photo…Kafka is a relief pitcher who warmed up on and off in front of us during the game. We talked to him a little and he seemed like a nice fellow. I was dying to come up with some obscure literary reference involving Kafka and baseball or team sports or throwing things but my lack of familiarity with Kafka and his work prevented me from doing so. Shucks! Next best thing, I captured the moment on digital whozits so I could throw it out to you guys. Maybe one of you book-types can come up with a caption…like…”Now batting for The Existentialists…” something like that. Write it in the comment area. Just for fun. My fun.  I’m not offering a prize incentive because I don’t really expect anyone to do this. Just because I’m not offering one doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be one if someone came up with something really clever.


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Kafka isn’t allowed to bat. He keeps metamorphosing into a cockroach and running into the dark dugout.
And scaring the funnel-cake vendors.
Someday I’ll have to buy one, just to find out what a funnel-cake is. Enough possibilities to be surreal.

Comment by phil

HEy Phil-
Nice reference! I hope the funnel cake vendors don’t step on him. He’s my favorite player.

FYI Funnel cakes are these fried things made out of thin streams of liquidy dough that’s squeezed out of a pastery bag (or funnel shaped do-hickey) into a deep fryer. They come out looking like a cross between a pizza and a brain with powdered sugar on top. They are delicious. One can achieve almost the exact same taste at home by frying Pillsbury biscuits and coating them with powdered sugar. That’s pretty good too.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hahaha. The idea of a baseball player transforming into a giant cockroach just tickles me pink.

Funnel cakes are AMAZING.
It hurts my heart when I pass up the change to have one.

As Kafka awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous… relief pitcher…

I think this is a sign from above that Franz Kafka and baseball were -never- meant to meet.

Comment by Amanda

Deep-fat fried dough? Dessert for pork rinds?
I can feel my heart hurting just thinking about it.
Probably why funnel cakes are so tasty.

I’m not sure about baseball and Kafka not meeting. Besides umpires, there’s the infield fly rule…

Comment by phil

Well, they’ve met now. Thanks for commenting you guys– You’re funny!

Comment by cathylybarger

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