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August 11, 2008, 4:38 pm
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Hello everyone. Beer fest is over! Yay! As always, it was an excellent time. I went with Erika and her fiancee Aaron. Social engagements are good. Know what we saw a lot of this year–kids. Like, children…little ones. That didn’t seem like such a hot idea to me. Even though adults at this event are remarkably well behaved, it seems like someone could accidentally fall on a kid pretty easily. Kids like to dart around. And the people at this event have pretty slow reaction times. They might not even notice it if they fell on a small one. Fortunately, nothing like that happened. It was all good.

Aaron made a pizza when he got home.

It’s curly like a taco shell. It looks like he followed the same recipe we did after the beer fest in ’05 (which is: put pizza in oven then either leave or fall asleep). The pure carbon pizza we made that day is no stranger to the blog. It’s still sitting in our living room. So is this one, now. Erika brought it over to our house.

Speaking of America’s couple, Erika and Aaron are getting married next month. This is the closest I’ve been to another person who is planning a big wedding. (I was a part of my own wedding but there wasn’t really any planning involved.) That’s a lot of work, wedding planning for hundreds of people. Count me out of that one.

Here’s something funny–Don is performing the wedding ceremony, bringing the beer and playing in the band. He likes to help, that guy. Here’s something else that’s funny: the ceremony is being held on a mound in Aztalan State Park because Aaron wants to get married on an energy vortex. Aaron has talked about this vortex thing for a while. I hope we’re on the right mound ’cause I don’t want to end up in hell or anything.

So that’s the next big event and it’s not for a while. Plenty of time to plan out what we’re going to tie to the back of their truck after the ceremony. That pizza is definitely going on there.


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