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August 5, 2008, 12:10 am
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Since the store is closed and I no longer have to worry about enticing people inside I’ve been letting the store front web over. Kinda starting a spider farm. There’s so many really pesty bugs down here you’re just screwing yourself over time and energy wise by ridding your storefront of spider webs. Downtown spiders are my chums.
So last week I noticed this kinda cool, tube shaped web on my outside window sill just above my mailbox. I think that little brown spider in the picture made it. Since it’s so close to the mailbox I thought it would be cute to put a little sign above  the web for the postal carrier to get a kick out of.  Also I thought the sign might keep the postal carrier from whacking the spider inadvertently or on purpose. I really wanted to keep that spider around since he or she is such a prolific web builder and is doing such a good job catching bugs.
Like a lot of times when I try or help to assist nature, I think this is going to come back to figuratively bite me on the ass. The web is growing considerably-it’s all over the top of the mailbox now– and today I noticed what looks like the remains of the little brown spider, legs mostly, all wrapped up in the web. There’s a much larger brown spider in it’s place. He is fast, too. No getting a picture of him.
Even though I loves me the spiders, the size of the web and the speed at which the new spider loco-motes is creeping me out just a little bit  when I go to pick up my mail. I guess it gives me pause more than creeps me out. (I know spiders aren’t like house centipedes who will jump on you and run around willy nilly for no reason at all.) No, what gives me pause about this situation is that it harkens back to a day, specifically, December 14, 2006 (you have to scroll and find-it’s on the old timey blog), when I learned that the post office had been withholding my mail for several months because my mailbox “decorations” were freaking them out. Why must I test my postal carriers so? I don’t wake up wanting to test them but THERE ISN’T ANYTHING ELSE TO DO. At least now I have a situation to watch develop. And so do you.

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Just back from a meeting in Albuquerque. Fun name to type.
Thought I’d add:
Hurray for spiders!

Comment by phil

Indeed! Hooray for spiders…except the one living in the big web is clearly eating and/or rending limb from limb other spiders. I kind of think I’m against that particular spider but I’m not going to mess with it because I think there’s probably a good reason for it’s being there.

For the record, the alpha spider differs from all of the other brown colored spiders that cover the store in that it’s abdomen is elongated (rather than round) and it appears to have some kind of a stinger or something coming out of it’s butt. It is way too fast to get a picture of it.

Comment by cathylybarger

From your comments, it could be the little brown spider was a male, and the bigger one a female.
Or not.
The “stinger” coming out of the spider’s butt is the spinnerts for spinning the silk. Probably a funnel-web spider (like found on bushes, no relation to the Sydney funnel-web spider (be happy)).

Comment by phil

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