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July 28, 2008, 10:22 am
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About six weeks ago I decided to switch my scheudule around so that I would work two really long torching days on Monday and Wednesday and two regular days on Tuesday and Thursday. This would free up time on the weekend so that I could crawl out from under my rock and go outside. I seem to have a lot of extra time now so I got that scrap tile mosaic thing finished in the bathroom:

That took hours of my life. I was using one of those puny Rapid Fire kilns to fuse everything 5 square inches at a time. Nothing is annealed but there’s a ton of grout holding it up there so it doesn’t really matter if it cracks.

This tile ended up in the upper right hand corner:

I had other pictures too but I don’t know where they went. For some reason I’m incapable of entering picture titles into my image host in a logical manner so I can find them again. I entered that picture of the finished window several weeks ago not under “mosaic” or “window” or “finished” but rather under the word “grouted”. It’s a wonder I found it at all.

But anyway, after finishing that mosaic I became interested in adopting another time sucking activity.   Having actual objects made at the end of the day is really the only thing that makes me feel as though I’m utilizing well my time on earth. I decided to learn the biggest time sucking activity of them all–beadweaving (off-loom, peyote stitch and that sort of thing). Beadweaving…beadweaving is what it is-it’s extremely slow going and very futsy, but you wouldn’t do it if you weren’t gleaning a certain amount of satisfaction from it and I really like it. Personally, I’ve never pictured myself sitting down and learning it unless I was incarcerated or something, but now that I’ve figured out a thing or two I think it’s pretty worth while.

So far I know flat strip and long, wormy tube stitch. Yup. I’m more impressed with my new-found ability to comprehend beadweaving instructions than anything else. It seems like you have to know a lot of different things and be proficient at them before you can do anything really cool. You also have to have an idea of something cool to make, which I don’t, probably because I don’t know enough yet. So for now I’m just filling a cigar box with wormy tubes of different lengths and colors. Maybe I’ll sew them all on a hat and then jump around wearing the hat. That might make a cool sound and be good exercise. I don’t know where any of this is going. For some reason, I do rather enjoy having a new wormy tube done at the end of the day.

What’s funny about the new hobby is even tough I had a ton of beads that I purchased for my former next-sore neighbor, Jade Mountain, I don’t have many of the right kind kind of beads for this type of stuff. Because they’re very uniform and have large holes, what really works well are Delica beads. Much as I imagine crack is packaged, Delicas come in little vials in gram measurements. Oh how you want more and more of those little vials.

 Anyway, with Jade Mountain closed I have to go downtown or to the Bead Bin at the mini-mall. When I had my retail business I used to see a lot of rather morose husbands accompanying their wives to Jade Mountain. I would always praise the husband for being supportive while thinking “You poor bastard” and wondering if he was going to be subjected to the ribbon and yarn store that was on the other side of me. Don and I were out on the bike on Sunday in the vicinity of the Bead Bin so we went there and I minced around buying a bunch of crack vials while he read Bead Style magazine. We were they. That really weirded me out.


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So, I now know what you used to think when I drifted into Aardvark while Renee was at Jade Mountain.
Ha. Now you’re Renee. The obsession will only grow, and you can *never* have enough of the right kind of beads. Never.
Bummer to hear Jade Mountain closed. I can almost hear the withdrawal screams …
And wormy tubes … yep. Lots and lots. Next, you’ll start beading on things. Big things. With little, bitty beads.
Then … naw, that’d spoil the surprise.
Don’t worry about the wormy tubes, you can stitch them end-on onto a toque, stick on some hair, and have dreaded beadlocks.

Comment by phil

AHAHAHAHAH! Yeah, there were some guys who I felt sorrier for than others. Some were crabby and some of them just sat in their cars on East Johnson St. reading the paper. But you, and Don as well, are supportive and nice always but especially when it comes to hobbies that keep the wife busy. You always seemed interested in and proud of Renee’s work so I didn’t worry too much about you.
Phil’s wife Renee made this aardvark, by the way. http://www.aardvarkproject.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=3&pos=33 That thing is pretty sweet.

Yep. I’m going to bead me some kind of an animal someday after I grow weary of the wormy tubes. Roger on that dreadlock idea…or maybe I could stick wires thru the tubes make an anemone hat. Hmmm…

Comment by cathylybarger

Yep, my hubby used to sit in the car outside of beads shops and wait for me. I hated it more than he did…”that’s okay, I’ll just fall asleep in the car”…how quilty does that make you feel?
Beleive me, seedbeads are like potatoe chips… you can’t have just one (or some), you should see my stash…teehee.

Comment by Rosanne

Yeah, that is kind of uncomfortable. I mean, Don never reads Bead Style at home…at least I hope he doesn’t. That can’t be any fun for him.

Comment by cathylybarger

Check out
I’ll try to remember to send a bigger image, if you want one.
I don’t know if I’m giving away any of Don’s secrets, but supporting Renee is all part of the plan. She becomes the famous, rich artist and I get to be the layabout gigolo. Get my own SEM and look at things for fun.
Still waiting …
Hey! Wormy tubes, stuffed-animal plushs — get together with weirdbuglady and do caddisfly larvae.

Comment by phil

Also, Roseanne-
There’s a typo on the word “guilty” that makes it look like “quilty”. I know this is a really dumb pun but I’m going to say it anyway–quilty would be how you would feel when your husband is waiting for you to come out of the fabric store.
There! I said it. I was wrestling over whether or not to say that all night. Forgive the terrible pun. Please.

Comment by cathylybarger

And also, Phil had another comment but wordpress wouldn’t let him post.
The comment is this: a url for another one of Renee’s beadweaving pieces http://www.interweave.com/bead/events/BeadedFigure50/DustDevil.asp

Then Phil says: I don’t know if I’m giving away any of Don’s secrets, but supporting
Renee is all part of the plan. She becomes the famous, rich artist
and I get to be the layabout gigolo. Get my own SEM and look at
things for fun.

Ahahahaha! (That’s what I said) Go look at that piece, seriously!

Comment by cathylybarger

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