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July 21, 2008, 1:26 pm
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On Friday Lost School had a discussion about how much we would have to get paid to go see the movie “Mama Mia!”. Bob Foster said he’d go for fifty bucks, popcorn and a drink and Aaron said he’d go for fifty bucks if we got him really drunk first. No one else made an offer.

I thought that was kind of out of my price range until I saw a review for the movie on CBS This Morning. Apparently, since many of the cast members are not singers and dancers by trade, the singing and the dancing in the movie is not very good, or in the case of Pierce Brosnan, it is quite horrible. So now I’m thinking that it might be worth 50 bucks to hear Bob Foster describe the movie in his own irascible way. I’m not sure if this makes me a good friend or not. (This week’s vocabulary word, irascible, is worth bonus imaginary points when used in reference to Bob Foster.)

I’ve been involved in a number of different bloggable activities lately. One of them was a “parade of coops”, as it were–a walking tour of Madison homes where the owners keep chickens in their backyards.

Chickens sure are great. That’s going to be a seperate entry.

Meanwhile, I took a picture of our friend Tom Porter’s (he owns and operates Lake Louie Brewing) tiny electrical car and it looks like a spirit is escaping through the passenger side window.

Eerie! It has kind of a Wienermoblie quality to it. (I didn’t know how to segue into this one so I just threw it in. )

I gotta get up on the torch now.


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