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A plant called Hope
July 13, 2008, 2:51 pm
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 Everything started with the desire to have a basement that does not flood every time it rains. In the spirit of one thing endlessly leading to something else, we are now planning on removing cement stairs that go from the backyard down into our basement, pouring a cement wall to plug up the outside entrance to the basement, removing all of the cement that covers our back yard, installing some kind of drainage system and since the back porch currently rests on the cement, it has to be torn down and rebuilt. Then our basement won’t flood, we think. And won’t that be nice.

In anticipation of these major home repairs happening in the foreseeable future, I did not plant any tomato plants in my backyard this year. The little raised bed garden that Don made for me is in the middle of all this waiting to get ripped out when the time comes. I completely ignored the tiny plot this year and let it fill up with an array of mysterious, yet not bad looking, weeds. Then last night while admiring my weeds I espied a lone tomato plant snaking it’s way through the thicket and over the wooden edge of the raised bed. Already there were tomatoes on it and I had not done one damn thing to help. How great my fortune!

Immediately I cleared away the weeds from around the plucky plant and set it up with one of those wire cage thingies. I guess it was sometime after I informed Don that I named the plant Hope that he reminded me of our construction plans. I guess I had briefly forgotten about that, or maybe…maybe I just assumed, with the surprise presence of this obviously superior tomato plant that requires no care whatsoever, that the plans would change. I mean, it’s got fruit on it. And a name. And plans for the future.

We have yet to find a contractor with the time to do our project so I’m not going to stress out over Hope’s fate just yet. I’m not going to sabotage anything but I am going to stop actively praying for a cement guy or a landscaper to get beyond the coming out and looking and not coming back but then giving you a name of another guy who can’t come out and look for another month stage. That’s where we’re at right now. Seems like this could go on forever.

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