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The Gong Show
July 6, 2008, 1:53 pm
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I got a gong for my birthday. James Lee gave it to me. I don’t know if you’re aware of all the advances in gong technology but, like cel phones and pants and certain dog breeds, they’ve gotten a lot smaller. Indeed, they’re not just for shirtless, bat-wielding Asian men anymore. Though mine is only about the size of a dinner plate it has a very rich, full sound. A tabletop gong is what it is. A gong everyone can afford. Though it lacks the drama and pageantry of a full size gong it’s still pretty nifty.

Music doesn’t grab me like it does most people. Even though playing looks like a lot of fun, I’m never compelled to join in with a shaker egg or a drum or what have you when bands practice at the house. I have fundamental problems both with rhythm and forming an interest in playing a musical instrument. I do remember at one point bringing up the gong as a possible instrument I could play. I was kidding of course, but the way I saw it, the gong is more punctuation than anything else. I don’t want to dis any professional gong players out there but it’s not like you have to keep time on a gong–you just sit at the bar until the end of a song and then run up and whack it with the gong stick. I think anyone could do that, even a monkey.

Right now I’ve got the gong hanging up in the living room in case the band wants to play it. I think a more practical use for it would be as a doorbell of sorts–one that works, unlike the one we have now. An air of mystery that would lend, hearing a gong instead of a knock at the door. Doubtless, the neighbors would enjoy it too. Especially at night.


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I’ve always been interested in playing the wooden fish. The one with ridges, that you go over with a stick.

Comment by katemckinnon

Ah, the guiro. (pronounced WEER-o.)Not a lot of guiro players out there-mostly, I think, because it’s hard to look cool while playing it.
One of my earliest school time memories is of being in a music class where they passed out non-challenging musical instruments of which the guiro was one, along with the triangle and cymbals. I wanted to play the guiro because I thought it had a funny name. So the drive to play something was there for me at one time…it was just never for the right reason.

Comment by cathylybarger

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