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Scrap tiles and silver prices
June 30, 2008, 5:40 pm
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scrap tile

For the past week I’ve been cranking out these tile-like entities to cover the trim in our downstairs bathroom. Some of them I keep whole, some of them I drop on the floor to make smaller pieces for the sill. I’m a little over halfway done with the fusing part. When all of the trim is covered I’m going to grout it in white. The goal is to get rid of a huge tub of stringer, rod ends, murrine butts and broken beads and create an interesting mosaic. I am really enjoying myself and I think this is going to be the most interesting piece of work I’ve made in a really long time. Maybe it will photograph well and you will get to see it. In any event, it’s keeping me plenty busy.

Despite the fact that I re-injured my toe the other day when I tried to put on my hiking boots for a trip down into the centipede-ridden basement, I think it is healing up well and the little tip of it is going to stay on. In case you were concerned, that is the status of my hurt toe. It’s doing well. 

On a completely unrelated topic, I had occasion to buy some PMC clay for the first time in about six years and I was really surprised to find that it did not go up in price proportionally to silver. In fact it was almost the same price ($25.00 for 20g as opposed to $20.00 for 20g six years ago). Is that actually surprising or is there some logical explanation for the discrepancy? Since silver was about for or five dollars a troy oz back then I thought it was much too expensive to work with but  today, silver is $17 per troy oz. so PMC seems kind of affordable. I think that’s really weird, though I’m glad because now I can afford to make some silver hedgehogs. Without casting equipment you gots to have the PMC to make your silver hedgehogs.

Anyway, while thinking about silver prices and farting around on the internets I found a site, The Silver Institute, that talks about the ups and downs in silver prices since 1960. I have had a bug up my ass about silver prices for a long time now. Everyone has, I suppose. It’s interesting to see silver prices go up and down over the years and learn why it is they do that. It doesn’t make $17/troy oz. any more acceptable but it does give you hope that it will go down again. As will we all.


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