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A trip to Walgreens means another installment of the “Give Gifts” house. If you haven’t been following along you’re just going to have to deal because I’m not going to explain the whole thing each time. Anyway, today I finally, finally remembered to bring something along to leave in the yard. My scrap tile project has left me highly motivated to get rid of whatever junk I can in my work area. This is what I selected:


Like a number of things in my work area, Erika found this objet d’arte in the garbage and decided we needed it. Erika, that girl, she cannot allow things to be thrown away. She cannot pass a garbage pile without looking at, and consequently, without keeping some or all of it or presenting her finds to others. If there’s clothing in the garbage she’ll either keep it or fold it up and take it to St. Vinny’s.  It’s a very endearing quality that is cute and also green.

So the other week the ceramic three-legged dinosaur thing ended up at our house. I didn’t really want to keep it though it did evoke a rousing conversation about whether the creator was a child or an adult. I kinda think it was an adult, or hoped so, because it would be sad for someone to throw away something their kid created. Someone had the bright idea to replace the missing leg with a very stale  marshmallow peep and a bond was made. Fortunately or not, Erika had gifted us a giant metal dollhouse (circa 1950) that she found in the garbage the week before. She figured we could use it to showcase for all the crap “people” bring to our house. The dinosaur fit into one of the rooms so hey, there’s a spot for it. Yah.

It occured to me to take the dinosaur with pretty much as I was walking out the door. It really is the perfect gift to give because, since it’s ceramic, it would stand up to the weather and also I had grown tired of it and it was taking up space.

Meanwhile, back at the Give Gifts house, the sign had further deteriorated. It’s stick was missing so it was just propped up on the porch:

sad sign

The sentiment was still there though so I placed the three-legged ceramic dinosaur on the ground next to the one-eyed snail and the plastic flowers.

here\'s your present

I feel really good about finally leaving something…especially that thing. Hopefully someone will get a kick out of it.

Also, Erika’s work was accepted into the Portal Wisconsin.org gallery. Here’s the linky-doo. Go take a peek!

Also, also…tomorrow is my 41st birthday. That’s about 90 in Madison years. I’ll probably be around for shipping and what-not since I don’t have anything better to do. Happy birthday to me!


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(______) birthday.
You’re not getting older, you’re getting antiyounger.

Comment by phil

That’s very true. And my body parts are accelerating toward the center of the earth.

Comment by cathylybarger

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