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A few more camping pictures and a shout out to Phil
June 18, 2008, 11:45 pm
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We did a lot of hiking in Newport State Park in the woods and also on the shores of the big lake. It is truly amazing how much beer and rich food you can consume when you’re hiking and scurrying over boulders all day. That’s living. Among the really outstanding greens that I saw during the hikes  were these little green bugs that Don espied on a rock on the shore of Lake Michigan. The bugs were “doing it”, by the way, so if kids are around you may want them to leave the room.

waka-chicka waka-chica

Aren’t they amazing? Look at their blue green legs and antennae. Don’t you just want that color? So pretty. Their shells look a lot like these rain forest (scarab type) bug shells that they sell in bead stores. Bugs that are that appealing are pretty much doomed if any people are around, poor things. In comparison to the bead store beetles these guys are pretty small–not big enough to be in danger of being made into a pin or anything. And they seem to be reproducing without a care so that’s a good sign. Go, you bugs! Make more! I’m hoping that my pal Phil will comment and tell us what type of being we’re looking at here. I hope it’s not an invasive species.

Actually, while I’ve got Phil on the horn, I have another bug question. In my former retail area, now studio, I have kind of a minor infestation of these little black beetles (at least I think they’re beetles). They’re about 3/16″ of an inch long. I’m pretty sure folks refer to them commonly as “bedbugs”. Why do I have those in my store? If they eat cat food that would explain a few things, as I do have a quantity of kibble on hand for Cracker the hedgehog. Or do they reside in bedding? I do have a futon in the office area. If they eat rotting wood I’m sure I have that somewhere. What I’m getting at is I don’t really want these bugs around and I was hoping to get rid of them by removing a food source rather than actively cleaning anything. So, help me out here, Phil. And thanks, man!

Meanwhile, back to the camping trip. Nature, that nature, was throwing me bones all weekend. Our luck was hardly believable. We had the perfect-est everything on this trip from weather to sunsets to wildlife photo-ops. I heard coyotes, even. On a more whimsical note, during the second sunset at the site, in the sky there was a cloud that looked just like a dancing Meatwad (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim–never mind if you don’t know who that is. I took the opportunity of Photo shopping him in so you can see the comparison. In case you can’t tell, Meatwad is an anthropomorphic meatball with arms that come out when he dances. Now it’s obvious, isn’t it?):

freaking meatwad!

Huh? HUH? Is that not the funniest thing ever? Can you even imagine how excited I was when I saw that? Oh, my Christ, you have no idea. We got back from an 8 or 9 mile hike, eaten this excellent dinner, and were drinking from this vast, high quality selection of IPA’s we packed in and then…there’s a cloud that looks like Meatwad in the sky. I mean, what the hell? I am so sending that into Adult Swim to use on a bump.

So anyway, I guess I’ve gotten the best of the pics out to you. I have other ones but I don’t want to show them because it would give away the site location and then people would go there and fuck it up. It’s a really quiet area, that park in Door County we went to. I hope it stays that way.




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Quiet park in Door County? What did you do, fall through a hole in the space-time continuum and travel back 1000 years? Or forward 20 years, the way gas is going.
The beetles in the photo are tiger beetles. Very cool, fast-moving, highly visual predators. The green (maybe the blue) is a structural color, caused by microscopic grooves and such in the cuticle. Wiki “tiger beetle”. (Did I just make a verb out of wikipedia? Or is that old news, and I just don’t know it?) Not an invasive species, these critters are world-wide.
The other bugs … um … well, there are 600,000 or 700,000 (or more) species of little black beetles, so it’s kind of hard to tell what you’ve got. Need an image. Easy to tell if they’re beetles, though, just look at them with a magnifying glass. If they’re running around in the open, as I get from your post, they’re definitely not bedbugs (or batbugs, closely related). Those would be in or near the futon, and if it’s not used regularly, they’ll have starved to death. Fun fact: bedbugs scream when they smell people. Just happy, I guess.
I think they’re beetles, and they’re likely feeding on the kibble and all the other crumbs, old rugs, and general material karma hanging around your studio. There are beetles that burrow in dead wood, wiki “death watch beetle” (an example, there are lots, but few with such a neat name), but I doubt the guys you have are wood borers.
Put the kibble in the sealed plastic containers, sweep up, and hang out a “centipedes wanted, free food” sign.
Sorry, Cathy, you’re going to have to clean up. Just putting away a few things won’t do the job. Think of it as an inspirational struggle against overwhelming odds.
Like the squirrel-tail-in-the-face story. Would’ve been neat to see the panic when you woke up. The squirrel’s, that is. Maybe yours, too. Just fun to watch squirrels try to figure out in which direction to panic.

Comment by phil

Phil! What a great comment. Very sorry if you lost that much text the first time you sent it in.

Yeah, the beetles are around the shop. I’ll see one maybe twice a week. I didn’t want to bother squishing them because they weren’t really bothering me but then I saw one in Cracker’s cage and figured they might become a problem. (The mighty insectivore does not know “bug” and is no help at all with their control.) So yesterday I started killing them and I killed three. That seemed like a high enough number to warrant a call to you. Yeah, right now I can see one on a padded envelope. It’s a good day to die.

I transferred the food to a container already and now I shall vaccum. I’m on kind of a cleaning tear this week anyway. Cleaning makes getting back on the torch seem like it’s more fun.

The squirrel exited the bedroom in an orderly fashion. It is possible that, because of how the blinds and the pillow and the squirrel were positioned, he did not see me. Thank God. That story could have had a much more turbulent ending.

Comment by cathylybarger

Only saw 4? Ha. Tip of the beetleberg.

Comment by phil

woman you have been living too exciting a life! I never hear from you! I miss you. in a non lesbian manner of course!

jean xox

Comment by jean

All this activity has left me tired and little cranky. I miss you too, Jean! I’ll be in touch!

Comment by cathylybarger

Hi, I randomly stumbled upon your blog, and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.

Comment by Ann From The Pseudonym Web Blog

Thanks Ann! I enjoyed very much that little GIF (or whatever you call it) of the guy at his computer on your blog. Funny! Unsettling! Thumbs up.

Comment by cathylybarger

That IS a poppin’ shade of green, an unbelievably gorgeous shade, actually. If I were a bug of that color, I would be “doing it” too.

Comment by Debbie

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog. It sounds to me like you have some type of beetles. Bed bugs are different and probably wouldn’t be in your shop because they feed on the blood of humans. Check out my blog all about bed bugs:



Comment by smadden

The beetles, I am happy to say, are no longer an issue. I believe I found their ground zero in an innocent looking box containing years of paperwork and a bunch of polar fleece blankets located near the hedgehog cage. Everything has been burned or discarded. EW, EW, EW!!!
Thanks for your concern!

Comment by cathylybarger

It’s great to see that more people are stumbling into/onto the bloggidy blog just recently (sure beats the usual stumbling into Don’s drumset). I just wanted to chime in about Ann and that frustrated computer user GIF. That is really hilarious. Up there with Don Hertzfeldts stuff. And her post about the perfect house/neighbors really reminds me of Tom Waits’ song “Whats He Doing Down There”…
P.S. Debbie you’re right on – those lucky beatles….

Comment by sp

True that about the additional commenters. I think I need to start paying more attention to my taggedy-tags so more folks will find me.

Also, re: Debbie Maybe being green is easy after all.

Comment by Cathy Lybarger

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