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Cathy’s going camping
June 11, 2008, 1:17 pm
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Me and Don are going camping this weekend. Real camping, too, like where you leave your vehicle several miles away from the site and hike in. Our supply pile, which I forgot to take a picture of this morning, consists of 2 sleeping bags, 2 boxes of granola bars and 5 cases of beer. Supplies were purchased as per the instructions given by the three people we are accompanying. They make this trip every year and have the logistics of transporting food and drink all worked out. Hell, they have everything worked out. It’s a good thing too because me and Don don’t know camping from shinola. Comedy may ensue this weekend because of this.

We’re camping by Lake Europe (Newport State Park) which is as far as you can go up that little peninsula and still be in Wisconsin proper. Never been to Door County. I hear it’s nice. Just so you know, we’ll be gone from Friday, June 13 to Monday, June 16. No internets, no nothing where we’re going so I won’t be able to tell you every little thing until I’m back at work on Tuesday.

I’ll share with you something annoying going on with my ears right now. They’re not hearing very well at all. I think they’re full of wax or maybe something crawled in there. My main gripe is, I’m talking real quiet since I can’t hear the volume of my voice and no one can hear what I’m saying. That’s one problem. I’m also a little concerned that, while vulnerable on the pit toilet in the middle of the woods, I will not be able to hear a chupacabra or a bigfoot sneaking up behind me. So I’m motivated to get this wax out of my ears by Friday morning.

Even though it’s not very effective I’m doing the peroxide and water thing because I really don’t want to stick any syringes or objects in there. I’ve also tried blowing my ear canal with a hair dryer and a space heater to kind of melt it out. Now my hair is fluffy and my skin is dry but my ears are still plugged up. Any miracle cures out there?



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Hey, try “candle wicking.” I think it’s an acupuncture thing but some hair salons here in Kenosha do it. I’ve been meaning to give it a try because my ears have been troublesome lately. Okay, brace yourself: It has something to do with a cone thing in your ear and fire! It pulls all the gunk out and most people can’t believe just how much gunk comes out!!!

If you do it, report back on how it worked!!! In the meantime I’ll do the same if I actually get around to doing it myself (said in a really brave tone of voice!!!).

Comment by Karen Rorek

My physician recommeded ear candles, as did my previous one when we lived in Madison. Haven’t yet tried it — the idea of a flame around my beard holds the promise of more entertainment than I want.
But, it’s supposed to work.
I’ve gotten by with repeated peroxide/as-warm-as-tolerable-water treatments. Gotten some ugley plugs of wax that way.
See the fun you get as you age? Ear wax is just the start.

Comment by phil

Murine ear drops. Works like a charm.
Don’t get eaten by a bear.

Comment by BoBs

The “candle” things really do work. You just have to put the candle thru a paper plate (to keep the heat at bay), and the tip in your ear. Put your hand under the plate, and pretty close to your ear, then light the top. (This REALLY works better with ANOTHER PERSON helping you!) The candle makes a popping and crackling sound, and slowly burns down to the plate, or when the heat is starting to get uncomfortable. Take out the candle and put it in water. Not only does this work incredibly, but it has entertainment value as well–after use, cut open the bottom of it to see just how gross your ears really were, heck, have an ear-candle party! I got them for pretty cheap at a health food store. Good luck, and don’t worry about setting your hair on fire, seriously.

Comment by Debbie

Hey! Look at all the comments! Thanks you guys.

I’ve heard of the candling thing but never knew anyone who did it. Hot candle+fire+ear, though intreguing, still seem contra-indicated to me. I keep remembering this episode of David Letterman that was on a long time ago. Courtney Love was on and she provided the only ear candle testimonial I had (until today). She was talking about how bad it hurt when she somehow got hot wax in her ear from an ear candle. She’s an animated story teller, that girl. Anyway, at the time I remember making a mental note to not try anything that Courtney Love tries. Just to keep my life less complicated. Maybe I can revise that now that I know of normal people who use ear candles. Or maybe I’ll try some Murrine first.

Either way, thanks for the ideas you guys!

Comment by cathylybarger

Hi Cathy,

If you’re looking for any more information on Door County, and camping there in particular, here’s some information you might find interesting:

Hope the beer doesn’t slow you down too much 🙂


Comment by Anne

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