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Senseless crime!
June 6, 2008, 1:05 pm
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give gifts

The latest in the saga of the give gifts yard is that some asshole broke the sign. Since no additional gifts have been offered the one-eyed ceramic snail is probably the only witness to the act. Now with it’s one good stalk it looks accusingly at everyone who passes by. Their lawn is coming in nice, though, isn’t it?  Our lawn is dead this year because we didn’t rake the leaves off of it before it started to snow. And no, as a matter of fact, I did not see that coming. When the snow started early and heavy I just thought “Well, there’s one less thing to do.” Then I went and made beads or something. It was always a sickly lawn so I don’t really miss it much. I can’t abide plants that can’t take care of themselves. No real point to this story. I think I’ll go make beads or something.


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Maybe you should give it the gift of a bandaid?

Comment by Jan Norwood

Not a bad idea, Jan. I’m going to have to give back pretty soon as the sign has provided me with a lot of blog material.

Comment by cathylybarger

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