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June 5, 2008, 1:14 pm
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my growth

So I went to the doctor this morning to have her take a gander at that thing that was growing on my leg. The doctor they lined up for me was super nice and a snappy dresser–she was wearing a little boro lampwork pendant. And she remembered my store as being “the one with reptiles in it”. I liked her a lot. Anyway, Dr. Alsum seemed to think the growth was a big old wart but we’re biopsying it anyway so everyone can rest easy.

When the growth first emerged I thought it was a wart, too, but it’s complete resistance to Compound W and duct tape and the fact that (cover your ears, kids) there was a hair growing out of it made me think that it was a mole. So, whatever it is, hairy super-wart or mole, it is now in a jar at the lab and no longer on my leg. I am going to have so much more time on my hands now that I’m not picking at that thing. Hooray!

In other news…did you get your gov’ment rebate check yet? Bob Foster spent his on Tibetan prayer bowls (also called ‘singing bowls’).

prayer bowls

Have you ever heard these go before? I’d seen them before but I’d never heard one up close. When played the bowls emit a really remarkable sound that can become a little hard to listen to, but you can’t stop listening because it’s really, really cool. One bowl can produce a harmony of sounds and if you get a couple of them going at once it sounds like you’re trying to call UFOs to your house. Pretty nifty are the prayer bowls, I say. I’m glad I heard that sound.



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Actually, those Tibetans had a millenial jump on Jimi Hendrix. That frictive ring of wooden pestle against the conglomerate of thick brass and copper makes the intro to “Foxy Lady” sound like the overly derivative musings of Oasis compared to the truely unclarified pop of the Beatles. I.E. These objects are the real thing.
The only reason that they are hard to listen to is that they sound out in sharp contrast the disharmoniousness of our own contemporary lives.
Trust me – this is being written by someone with staunchly anti-new-age philosophical leanings. But I nevertheless think that the prayer bowls roundly place moles, warts, and duct tape, in their prospective places.
Cathy I believe your health is guarenteed in the stars 🙂
(UFO’s be dammed)
What an odd entry……
P.P.P.P.S I think that one trillion dollar begets another and before you know it you have a school for adopted children…

Comment by sp

Once again my bad typing/thinking skills are uncovered. By that I mean the omission of the word “idea” from the phrase “one trillion dollar _____ begets another…” – but you read it correctly to begin with…

Comment by sp

Things that are high pitched and loud have always gotten under my skin. This explains my aversion to baby sitting, even at a young age. I think my brain and ears may be overly sensative.

Comment by cathylybarger

I’m guessing that if you would have been a little more patient that Bob Foster’s skill with the bowls would have vibrated that hairy wart right off.

I think that’s what sp said too. But I’m not sure.

Or maybe the bowls will cause more. Either way, I’m sure you’ll let us know.

Comment by Lori G

AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! I guess we’ll never know what the effect on the hairy wart would have been but I think it’s entirely possible that the bowl’s vibrations could repel household pests like mice and house centipedes. Maybe Phil will chime in on this one.

I would like to congratulate sp for figuring out how to insert an emoticon into his comment after drinking with Bob Foster last night. I can’t do that sober.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, if you’re going to bait me like that …
I doubt the bells will repel mice or centipedes, unless they’re music critics.
Mind, it might make them meditative … imagine a centiped in a lotus position.
Then getting out of the lotus position.

Comment by phil

Damn! That’s a good one,Phil. Thanks for your input.

Comment by cathylybarger

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