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You’re soaking in it
June 2, 2008, 10:14 am
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As I write this blog our tiny, high effeciency dishwasher is washing dishes. Up til this weekend when Don wired up an outlet for it to plug into, it had been serving as a convenient place to hide dirty dishes. Now I feel like we’re really utilizing it to it’s fullest extent.

One thing that the manual does not tell you is how long it takes to do a load of dishes. Damn, these machines take a long time to do dishes. It’s been over an hour already and we’re still halfway between squiggly vertical lines and martini glass. I think the cycle is over when it gets to martini glass. Then again, I thought running bunny meant “go” or “on”. There are three possible choices for a power button: circle with a vertical line at the top, running bunny or the word “plus”. I figured running bunny because it was the only symbol that was actively doing something so that was my logical choice for “on”. Turns out, circle with a vertical line at the top is kind of a universal sign for “power” or “on”. Circle with a vertical line is also how we turn on our laptop. Just noticed that now, again, for the first time. Know where the on button for our dryer is? Next to the word “start”. Our dryer, though new, does not challenge me.

So, yup, still plodding toward martini glass. I wonder if I wouldn’t be at my studio by now if I had pushed the running bunny button (which, it turns out, means rapid cycle) an hour and 15 minutes ago?

I guess that martini glass is more of a wine glass shape. And we’re still not to it.

What to talk about…I’ve been waiting a couple of years for enough health concerns to build up to warrant a trip to the doctor. I’ve had this weird mole on my leg that you can probably see from space that I want to get lopped off. I’m eager to find out if that is the least of my problems. Probably have to wait 6 months for an appointment so there’s no sense in getting too worked up about anything.

The dishwasher is silent now but we’re still not up to wine glass. It’s clicking a little. Boy, the instructions for loading this sucker sure were specific. The machine is only 18″ wide so things have to be just so inside. Hardly any of the dishes in the instructions were shaped like ours so I had to wing it. Pretty much all we have are about 30 pint glasses and a giant skillet. Plates fit in the dishwasher well but we only had a few of those. Spoons and forks are supposed to line up, facing the same way. I jammed a pizza cutter and a spatula in there.

Hey! We’re at wine glass! Everything is nice and clean, even the jammed together stuff! Hooray for the tiny dishwasher! Man, that took a long time. I’m using running bunny cycle for the next one. Thanks for sharing my inaugural load with me!



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Dishwashers are addictive. The best thing is that you doesn’t have to wait. Just start it and leave, go do something more fun (which is pretty much anything).
Unless you do like we did the first time we used one and put in ordinary dish detergent. Then you end up with a kitchen full of soap suds, spreading across the floor. Fun!

Comment by phil

GF – I don’t want to sound like your Mother, but don’t fool around with that mole on your leg! I could tell you some horror stories, but I’ll spare you. You want to out last that dishwasher…by the way I’ve never seen one like you decribe…lol. But mine is my best friend around the house. I only do dishes if I want my fingernails to be really clean looking.

Comment by Rosanne

Hey Phil
I guess we’re supposed to turn off the water source that goes to the dishwasher right after it’s done. So that’s why I had to wait. Just following orders, like always.
I love my dishwasher! It’s magical!

Comment by cathylybarger

Hi Rosanne-
I made my appt to have my mole looked at. ORDEAL! ORDEAL! ORDEAL! Three different people transferred me “to” my PCP until finally a fourth person told me that my PCP left the organization a while back. Who were all these people transferring me to if my doctor had been gone for quite some time? I don’t know. Anyway, I have to wait until Sept to see a new PCP but someone is willing to look at my mole on Thursday. So, Hooray! I’ll tell you all about it.

ps. My mom, who has basal cell carcinomas out the wazoo, was not real concerned about the mole ’cause it’s not dark. She’s my skin leison go-to gal.

Comment by cathylybarger

I know, finding a good Dr. is a pain in the ass. But I’m glad you didn’t give up! I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday then. Does that mean you aren’t going to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee? That’s my plans for the weekend. One of my favorite things to do…this year I’m doing more looking than buying, but what the heck!

Comment by Rosanne

No Bead and Button for me, I guess. I’d like to go but Other Things are taking up time–they always do.

Hey, that fish you bought on Etsy was my 100th sale so you win a prize! Yay!

Comment by cathylybarger

Hot Dog! I knew it was saying “pick me”. I’d been looking at them for weeks now, waiting for the right one. Thank you!!!

Comment by Rosanne

Hi Kathy – I have to sign in on this one.
Glad to hear you are seeing the doctor about your mole. Another thing to watch for is an irregular border, irregular color and also if it has changed in any way during these past weeks.
Keep me informed about your test results.
Love, Mom

Comment by Mom

Thanks, Mom!

Comment by cathylybarger

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