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Lucy, I’m Home!
May 24, 2008, 2:11 pm
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tub sign

Hey! I’m back from Utah. I got a ton of beads made and I hiked and I soaked and I watched weird Utah television and made lawn decorations out of tumbleweeds. I didn’t see any UFO’s or snakes but I did find a big bone and some neat-o scrap metal. I hung out with JC and Harold Cooney and Mystic Mike (guy who owns the hot springs–he sells on Ebay too) and I met a lot of friendly dogs and friendly tourists. A very busy, very very fun week, I tell you what.

So today I’ve got to empty my camera and get some of my beads up on Etsy. Today is also Erika’s birthday so it’s possible that I won’t get any of that done until tommorrow. Either way I’m too busy to blog right now but I’ve got a lot of pictures and a lot of stuff written that I’ll be putting up shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the sign that was posted by the hot spring tubs. Some of those rules are enforced more than others.

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Now you didn’t mention the important thing… (did you get a bra? Ha ha!) 😛

Say, when you post all those pics you mentioned there, could you take an extra sec and (please? please?) re-post –somewhere– your great “group shot” of the motley crew of beads that you used to have up in your eBay store set-up (I LOVE that one, I MISS it!) 😦 ??!!!


p.s.: Happy Memorial Day!

Comment by Annie :)

I got to Minneapolis at 7:45 am and was too tired to go on a real rigorous bra search. Between gates I did not see a bra store per se though there may have been something similar in the Harley Davidson shop.

I have no idea where that picture lives now. It was taken at least three years ago and is now filed away among the thousands of mask pictures I have. If I run into it I’ll send it to you.

ps. Happy Memorial Day, back at ya!

Comment by Cathy Lybarger

Please do look for that pic, I would appreciate it muchly! (Now didn’t you save your entire eBay set-up somewhere when you took it down? Just in case? It should be in with that, right?) Well, just a thought! I’ll wait anxiously for that photo… (now I do have a life too, honestly I do, but I really liked that pic.) !!! 🙂

You know, I was pondering a wild hair idea… I think I know how you could actually get yourself a _bunch_ of free bras (& not have to shop for ’em for YEARS!), if you just played your cards right… 😉 ?!

Post a contest on the Etsy site or in your blog (you would have to tell people what size you wanted, of course) inviting people to send you (size x) bras of any type, and that the winner of the most unique, or most comfortable, or nicest, or ugliest, or most colorful, or humorous, or traffic-stopping (heck, PICK something!) would get a free bead (or set of magnets or bottle stopper or pin or what have you)!

Also, promise everyone that the Lost School of Madison will then make a temporary artwork out of all the bras submitted (a big bra ball like a ball of string! Or a bra chain that reaches across the entire living room! Or, decorate the mannequin; got the bra on the head like mouse ears, the necklace bra, the waist and garter bra, knee and footwarmer bras, etc.) and you’ll post the resultant “artistic” pic on your website! 😉

You’d have to stipulate no sickos or overly kinky weird stuff of course (although the leather bustier type things are kind of cool, actually..) but no matter what, I guarantee you that you probably wouldn’t have to shop for bras again for a WHILE! (Might find your new favorite one that way, even!)

You might also get some of the novelty ones submitted (like a 3 cup version, etc.,) and thus have additional fodder for witty pics for your blog whenever you don’t have anything else to post (really, this sounds like a win-win to ME!)

Well, just a crazy thought! (I hate shopping for undergarments myself too, so alternate solutions like this contest just leap to mind… And you have a forum to throw this whole concept out into, so go for it!) 😛

O.k., time to eat barbeque and enjoy Memorial Day, I’ve made my artistic suggestion for the day!


Comment by Annie :)

That’s a really funny idea-I too would like to see a giant bra ball- but there’s a couple of reasons why it would not work for Lost school. Mainly, Lost School is easily 90% boys who wouldn’t be interested in working with such a medium. It’s very difficult to get them to draw on the chest and other sensative areas of the mannequins. Usually Erika has to do that. I’m not much of a seamstress either so that’s kind of a deal breaker right there.

I’ll pass the idea on to the Naked Lady Party people. They have more interest in foundation garments and also access to unwanted ones. I’m not sure how reliable a source for bras my readers would be. NLPP are also more likely to have an interest in sewing and manipulating fabric than I do. (Many of them already create things out of old clothing–hence their interest in recycling stuff.) They would be the ones to talk to if you want this idea to come to fruition.

So, excellent idea but it needs to be directed to another group of folks. I’ll do that!

Comment by cathylybarger

Shoot, those chickenhearted boyos there, what’s wrong with them anyway to be so delicate-minded?! Aren’t they good sturdy beer-drinkin’ buddy types? Underwear on the head & all that? (Didn’t they ever watch Home Improvement? I’m sure Tim would’ve been the first to be drawing all over the mannequin’s “areas of interest”!?!) 😛

But seriously, I was really just trying to figure out how you could get yourself some good free stuff there (& not have to deal with a shopping quest!) and get away with it totally, by calling it “Art”! 😉

Someplace here I still have my button that I got back in college (in the dark ages…) that says, “Art Is Whatever You Can Get Away With!” (I sort of took that to heart in general.)

Well, guess the creative bra contest will just be another failed Great Concept. *Sigh*


Comment by Annie :)

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