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My new friend (fiend)
May 3, 2008, 7:17 pm
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tiny terror

Here is the first thing I bought from an Etsy store. Don’t you wish it was yours? Ha! Mine mine mine! I’ve been carrying my carrot around ever since it arrived the other day. It is my new sculpey friend. Carrot tagged along with Erika, Missy and myself last evening for Gallery Night. I wanted to take pictures of it at various venues but we only stopped at one place, Absolutely Art. Absolutely Art is a brick and mortar version of Etsy. (Erika had to drop off some work there. Also, they seemed to have the most wine.) Photo opportunities weren’t jumping out at me last night though I did get a picture of Carrot with Copper Jesus at home.

jesus and carrot

Jesus is wearing a button from the Creation Museum. He loves all the vegetables.

Carrot, by the way, came from an Etsy store called Tiny Terror Designs. The gal who runs TTD, Lisa, is quite a hoot. She has school, children and a job so sculpey creature making is kind of a side thing where there is little time for a side thing. What she has in stock is definitely worth looking at and buying. I’m trying to goad her into making jewelry out of these guys because I know I’m going to leave carrot behind somewhere if it’s not attached to my body. You won’t want to know me if something happens to Carrot.


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yOU TELL lISA jEAN CHECKED HER OUT and cracked up!!!

Comment by jean

Carrot appears to have loopy leaf fronds on top which are connected to his/her/its “head” and perhaps would allow for threading a ribbon (chain? lanyard?) through and hanging the veggie vamp as a necklace around your neck. ??? (Or are those too fragile to do that? What do you think?)

By the way, there was an article about carrots in our local food section… did you know that originally carrots were purple on the exterior (really!) and way back when, the Dutch deliberately changed that to orange, through lots of manipulative botanical work, so that it would match their national color or something like that (wish I’d kept the article so I could quote, it sounds dubious now when I explain it, but I promise that’s what the article said… a surprising bit of information, really.) !!

The accompanying photo, showing a purple carrot, cut open to expose the orange interior, was interesting too. (Not very appetizing though, I think I like them orange better.) 😛

Supposedly though, the original purple color contained additional benefits or antioxidants or something, which now scientists are trying to breed back into carrots. (Whatever… sounds like an excuse for Frankenfoods to ME!) 😉

So is this carrot here a Frankenfood, do you think? (I sort of like “VampyeVeg” myself…)


Comment by Annie :)

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