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The week in pictures (in no particular order)
January 30, 2008, 5:42 pm
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I am beset with an intense feeling of uselessness today because it’s too cold to torch. I’m attempting to be semi-productive by writing about stuff, which works I suppose, but it’s not as good as making beads. Anyhoo, with nothing new to say I thought I’d empty out my camera and tell you all about the pictures I took in the last week. That should be loads of fun, yes? Let’s get to it.

the new bar area

This is our new bar area. We decided that there just wasn’t enough stuff to look at in our kitchen so on Saturday Don installed that row of tap handles near the ceiling. Eventually, when we hang a new ceiling ,we will both figuratively and literally lower that bar. There’s the new beer fridge and if you look carefully you can see my cool ice bucket and a brandy snifter full of absinthe. More on that later.

Maybe on Friday of last week we noticed a mysterious looking wound on the tip of Don’s nose:

dons nose

We were worried that it might be cancer so I took a picture of it to email to my mom who is well-acquainted with skin lesions. It has started healing since then so now we believe it was the result of a chemical burn caused by caustic solution used to clean brewing equipment. Phew!

On Sunday a massive flock of crows gathered in all the trees surrounding our house:

mysterious crows

There was a multitude of them! It’s hard to get the scale from that one photo but four trees were just full of them. What a lot of crows there were! And the cawing! Neat!

One day last week I took a picture of this guy hauling a sled load what looked like a giant pile of laundry:

laundry guy

…or maybe it’s kittens. I don’t know for sure.

On Saturday Erika came over and we drank cocktails and bent pieces of rigid, flat wire into curly Q’s so she could weld them into something neat or “neat-o” as she likes to say:

curly q's

Erika brought a couple hundred of the wires over in a large coffee can– each maybe 6″ long or so. She said that they were parts of a loom or something. Erika only works with material that other people throw away–no matter how much work it takes to make that material usable. I don’t think anyone can understand how labor intensive that kind of thing is. It took us all night to bend those curly-Q’s. She blows my mind with that stuff.

That’s it for the pictures!

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just wondering if you knew that a gathering of crows is known as a “murder”…thought you’d appreciate that info.

Comment by k

Thanks, k! Knowledge is power. We always appreciate it.

Comment by cathylybarger

darnit. I want to do that, too!

Comment by jean

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