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January 29, 2008, 11:13 pm
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My cyber-hero Jim Sheely has a couple of his drawings up on the Ebay. I’m so excited! That almost never happens. Here’s the link to them, though, if monsters with giant scrotums freak you out you probably shouldn’t look at them. I’m bidding. Won’t you?

While perusing the SRA mixed media category I came upon a familiar familiar–Gus Fink. I have a couple of his drawings and a weird little painted fimo pin that he designed. My pin is this character, Dead Pickle Guy, something like that. I still wear it on my jean jacket. The dead pickle has this big hole in his head from where a cockatoo bit it. I was street vending maybe 5 years ago when this guy who had a cockatoo perched on his hand came up. The bird leaned toward me and I thought maybe it wanted to hop onto my shoulder but then it just took a big bite out of my pin. Stupid cockatoo. Anyway, just the other day I was telling someone that story. I had not thought of or looked for Mr. Fink in a long time–and then today, there he was! He’s got his own little line of bobble head toys that are so fantastic. They remind me a lot of the pins except with awesome packaging. I bought this one today. I think I’m going to need more. How in the hell does someone get a line of toys like this? These are so, so cool. Good for Gus Fink.

In other news…Our weather, man. Yesterday, Monday, it was 45 degrees. I got to frolic all the way to the post office and the bank and back, which was great. I had my window open in the studio all day. Now, Tuesday night, I just checked the weather and it’s zero degrees with a 27 below wind chill. It’s supposed to be minus 10 tonight. Yup, weather.


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haha , thats a wonderful story , send me a pic of that pickle pin , I have no idea what your talking about – but it sounds rad
best to you


Comment by Gus Fink

Is that really you? I hope so. Either way I’ll post a pic of the pickle because it’s funny. Someone was selling these pins about 3-4, maybe as long as 5 years ago on Ebay and they were somehow attatched to the name “Gus Fink”. That’s how I found them. I bought Dead Pickle Guy and Toxic Dead Girl. They look just like the bobble head toys that are selling now except they’re jewelry. Toxic Dead Girl is wearing a little respirator. She went to my friend Erika because she inhales a lot of welding fumes. I’ll track down my pickle pin when I get home.

Comment by cathylybarger

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