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pictures from the grocery store
January 26, 2008, 2:13 pm
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pop tart dude

Don and I went grocery shopping in the middle of yesterday. That is possibly the most significant monotony-breaking event that has happened to me all year. Sometimes life just sucks around here. Anyway, I saw this Pop Tart display and was sure that some ad person in pop tart land hired my beloved Don Hertzfeldt for some twisted new ad campaign aimed at stoned, pop tart devouring college students.

pop tart land

After just minutes of research on the google I found out that the drawings were not the work of Mr. Hertzfeldt and are in fact from a several year-old “Crazy Good” ad campaign the commercialsfrom which you can watch on the You Tube. Disgruntled animation forum dwellers swear that the Pop Tart people are stealing bits from Hertzfeldt. I watched some of the commercials and I think they also resemble short cartoons David Lynch did a while back. So, it’s a pretty ubiquitous drawing style. Who’s to say.

One thing’s for sure, in a very short period of time I learned a lot about Pop Tart ads and Don Hertzfeldt. What a beautiful internet moment that was.



Baked Virginia ham taste without all of that annoying ham!


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When I first saw the pop-tarts commercials (probably on nickelodeon while watching spongebob with benny) I at once squealed with joy at the fact that Hertzfeld finally had a paying gig.
O.K. the family learning channel thing didn’t work out (really all the better if you agree to the greater glory such rejection wraught).
Now I hear that this is some kindofa hoax! NOOOOOooooo!

O.K. perhaps one could argue that Hertzfeld was selling out.

But really I was merely glad to see that someone with such a wicked sense of humor exposing his soul to the toothless zombies that comprise mainstream American culture.
But NOOOOooooo. Cathy has to go and burst my balloon and inform me that this is just one more usurpation of real art by the coorporate goons who suck the marrow from the work of real souls in order to reap the almighty buck.
No Cathy this is not some case of ubiquitous drawing styles overlapping in a happy harmonious convergance. No this is not even ironic as when Dylan says he may sell out if only to Victorias’ Secret and twenty years later does just that.


This is downright typical… Par for the course. Yet nonetheless,


You know of course that the likes of the MPAA’s and RIAA’s coorporate lawyers would be all over this kind of copyright infringement except for the simple fact that this example of cultural THEFT only serves to benefit their stranglehold upon the short termed memory of our blesssed masses. Bahahahaahaa.

P.s. I bet Hertzfeld has an even better cartoon making fun of this stupid diatribe…

Comment by sp

Likely this is an evil rip-off designed to draw in pop tart eating adults who are famaliar with Hertzfeldt and think he is cool. Even though LOTS of people draw like that I immediately associated those drawings with him. The ads are definately aimed at a different crowd than say the ads from the ’70’s that starred Milton the Toaster. Too bad he didn’t get a couple bucks out of the deal.

Comment by cathylybarger

I, at once, immediately associated these commercials with Hertzfeldt.
Even though I have seen the similar and independantly produced 2002 Dumbland animations of David Lynch, I strongly believe that there is an unmistakable stylistic individuality that seperates the Hertzfeldt animations.
I in no way want to diminish the Lynch animations. This is not about that. I thought they were original and funny – although I’ve only seen them once. But I have seen rejected many times and it never seems to loose any lustre.
Just because one (or just about anyone nowadays with a computer and some free time) can animate simple stick figures doing silly things, in no way does that mean one will rise to the groundbreaking heights of experimental film/animation that Hertzfeldt attains.
These commercials blatently ripped off that unique style and without any attribution pawn it off to millions of viewers. I can only hope that Hertzfeldt bleeds them with lawsuits…

Comment by sp

what am I doing back here in 2008??? Holy crap! And such an educated conversation! jean!!!

Comment by jny_jeanpretty

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